Thursday, January 08, 2009

another thursday, another pig meeting

today was another pig we really had 3 of these? and i've already got the next 2 planned (feb and march), and i hope to get one more in for april. not sure if may will pan out, since classes end then and it's generally just chaos. it feels good to have a meeting over with. today's meeting was a bit smaller than normal, but then again, we were just targeting M1s. i'm happy with the turnout. and all the food got eaten! granted, i forced some people to keep eating, but all the food got eaten and i can't complain about that at all.

in pharm we got a drug list of a bazillion chemo drugs. that's going to be a pain to learn. in path we are finishing up breast and gyn path and will be starting neuropath tomorrow. and in micro it's all about viruses. yay.

ok, on to reading. woo!

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