Wednesday, January 28, 2009

another reason to NOT eat high fructose corn syrup...

my friend K pointed out this article to me today. another confirmation as to why we should not ingest there's supposedly mercury contamination in it due to the production process.

i think it's well worth the extra money spent to buy foods that are HFCS-free and low sodium. when i started reading ingredient labels and whatnot to try and eliminate as much HFCS from my diet as possible, and paired with better exercise habits, i lost weight and got much healthier. and now i'm glad to know that i don't have as much potential mercury in my body as some other folks do.

also, i HATE HATE HATE those stupid commercials saying that HFCS is "ok in moderation" and "made from CORN" and "ok to eat!". stupid stupid stupid. it's all a conspiracy by the government to make you consume more corn products and a way to ensure that everyone stays nice and plump. fructose is more readily taken into the "fat making cycle" rather then the "energy making cycle". you learn that in biochemistry. why willingly do that to yourself? i do not deny myself sweet stuff...if i am craving something sweet, i eat something with REAL sugar, or honey, or just snack on some fruit. i don't care if i'm stuffing myself with ice cream or cake, i just want all the ingredients to be REAL, and not manufactured by some factory that is putting free radicals or mercury or salmonella or whatever in it.

so i guess it's appropriate that i put some of the things i do to try and avoid my HFCS intake, and save some money on the side as well:
  • make and bake my own bread. i keep a jar of "bread starter" in my fridge. with just a $1 or so worth of bread flour and whole wheat flour, small amounts of salt, sugar, oil, and starter, i can make 3 loaves of bread that is much better than what i can get at the store. and it keeps well...just wrap it up in plastic wrap or put it in a ziploc bag and throw it in the fridge. and best HFCS. i can use the dough to make cinnamon rolls too if i like.
  • make my own flavored yogurt. i get the plain low-fat generic variety and add whatever i want. sometimes i just slice up a banana and mix in some honey. yum! currently i have leftover lemon curd (that i made myself)...just stir some of that in and you have delicious lemon yogurt.
  • if i want ice cream, i get a little pint of the ben and jerry's flavour du jour. and then i just get a little bit to eat. good stuff, if you ask me.
  • make my own granola...ok, H makes most of it, but i know how to do it myself too.
  • eliminate soda. i did that in college, and now the stuff is waaaay too intense to drink. ha, i did replace my mountain dews with coffee with sugar, but even by adding my own sugar i was being "healthier"...i did not add near as much sugar as would have been found in a can of coke, and plus it was REAL sugar, not HFCS! now i drink coffee with milk (no sugar) and it's all good.
  • cut fruit juice with water. that's simple. maybe not 1:1, but consider filling up your juice glass 3/4 of the way and topping it with water. or just drink less juice.
all of these things don't take too much time. granted, the first time you do something different, it will take longer than normal, but it's not hard. i'm lucky in that one of my hobbies is "food" in general...but that shouldn't even matter. i believe everyone should be very choosy in the things that they put INTO their own bodies! people freak out over what kind of car to buy, or what clothes to wear, etc etc, but they don't spend enough time thinking about what they EAT. shouldn't that be the most important thing?


allison said...

Wow! I had no idea you didn't drink carbonated beverages, but I am much more impressed that you manage to take in so little HFCS. Those commercials make me want to throw my shoe through the television. I so need to learn how to make bread from you. I tried at Ole Miss once, but all my loaves came out squatty and dense :(

Great post!

Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh! This post is great! I'm glad that I am not the only one that wants to break my tv when I see the HFCS commercials!

Carrie Tucker said...

Doesn't everyone throw shoes at the television during those commercials?

Lately I've been throwing shoes during the news too. The media has been scaring the hell out of us.

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