Thursday, December 18, 2008

ugh. stupid politics.

ok, so a quick post just to let those of you who read my blog read some articles that are going to prompt a VERY substantial post in the future...if i didn't have an evil MICRO TEST that i was cramming for tomorrow at 9 am i would definitely lay out my thoughts now...

washington post article

liberal blog post from daily kos (hey, not all liberal things are evil...)

basically, just a quick opinion...if a patient comes to you and says "i want you to do ___ for me", and if you the doctor are morally/ethically/religiously opposed, then tell the patient "i'm sorry, but i don't do ___, but here is a place where you can go to get ___ where it is SAFE and done/given in a HEALTHY WAY." seriously people, is it that hard? this ruling is going to let people just say "GO AWAY I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH AND I HOPE YOU ROT AND DIE." ok, maybe that sentence was harsh, but jeeeez...are we not doctors? do we not look out for our patients? DO WE NOT REMEMBER THE HIPPOCRATIC OATH WE ALL HAVE SAID?

the way i see it...all the anti-abortionists out there (the ones who allow zero exceptions and mock the "health of the mother", etc) are telling all future rapists that THEY THE RAPIST ARE FREE TO CHOOSE the mothers of their bastard children without ANY consequences. (oooh, look at that woman over there...i think she'll be the one! and then her! and her! have i met my "i must forcibly create 10 conceptions a day while ruining the lives of innocent women" quota yet?)

is that the society we live in? since men rule the world, men will still rape women. that is a sad fact of life. i'm sorry, but if i were raped by some crazy psycho in a horribly brutal way, i think i would like to at least have a choice of "do i or don't i", and i would like to know that there is a doctor somewhere out there who can help me in a safe manner.

i bet the super conservatives don't see the picture that way.

alas, back to micro. i'll talk more about this later. sorry for getting so riled up, but this is a very important issue to me.

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MammaDoc said...

I can't wait to read your real post on this topic. I'm a feminist soon-to-be medical student myself (starting in the fall) and the new legislation has me all worked up as well. Particularly since I want to go into Ob/Gyn.