Thursday, December 04, 2008


har har...just studying up on some microbiology and thought i'd procrastinate a bit and give a shout out to Shigella dysenteriae. yeah, i have been privileged enough in my lifetime to have been blessed with shigella and man oh man, it was NOT pleasant. for those of you who don't know, shigella is a bacteria that gets in your intestines and makes you have AWFUL DIARRHEA. yes, awful. like explosive, can't control it diarrhea. the kind that you just say "i give up" and sleep on the toilet because that's all you can do. oh and the kicker is the way it's transmitted is if you eat some poop that has shigella in it. that's right...i had eaten something with POOP on it and that is how i got shigella. i think that thought is worse than the uncontrollable diarrhea! i remember my doctor asking me about every restaurant that i had been at in the past few days...i think we got it narrowed down to some bad deli meat but who knows. thankfully some antibiotics got rid of that bugger fast. all this happened in high school sometime.

there's nothing like a personal story like that to make you severely empathize with patients suffering from shigella or giardia and whatnot. plus, after recounting this story to some friends (because who doesn't like talking about poop), i realized that not many people have experienced the phenomenon of "i have to poop and i have to poop NOW and it's not waiting for me to reach the toilet before it decides to explode"! sorry if that's a bit graphic...hahaha. but it's the truth!

in other news, i'm drinking a homemade hot cocoa and it is delicious! i also made some yummy tacos for dinner with homemade salsa. and i can't wait till my break so i can bake a ton.

studying has been a bit difficult these past few days. i hope that it gets better STAT. i'm sure it main focus this block is micro and path since those are the topics that we have been SLAMMED with new material. luckily, in pharm a lot of the drugs we have to learn are repeats of some of the antibiotics that i've already learned in micro, so there's at least a mini-break there.

ok, back to bacteria. woo!

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Kate said...

Wow, great post!! I'm in my second semester of micro right now and sometimes the things we learn are all too applicable to my own life.