Tuesday, December 30, 2008

a return to sanity...

i say return to sanity because these past few days have been SO NICE...i have to pinch myself at times! for example: am i really baking all this delicious food? am i really laying on the couch? did i not just watch SIX STRAIGHT EPISODES of TOP CHEF on the youtubes while KNITTING A SCARF? did i just manage to fold and put away all my laundry?

i know i said that i would be posting a ton over the break, but you know how that goes...i should just not promise things anymore...hahaha. also, if anybody out there wants me to blog on a certain topic, or answer questions, i'd be happy to do so...just leave a comment or send me an email. sometimes i feel at a loss of what to type...i'm sure there are more interesting things i can say besides the "omg this is gross!" or "i feel blah" types of posts!

now would be an appropriate time to have some reflections of the first half of 2nd year...wouldn't you think? ok, i'll do it then...


during the first half we had 3 test blocks and covered all kinds of topics. school started out decently, i'm learning a lot of new things, feeling good about school...most importantly, it's going SO MUCH BETTER than first year. (and you can read ALL about my M1 experience(s) in this blog if you have some spare time and have nothing else going on!) best of all, i can go into a test and expect to do decently, heck, i can do well on a test by my standards! i don't worry about "omg is this going to be a fix-it-later test grade", i just go in, take a test, and voila! all done. i don't know if i've said it on this blog, but i do get test anxiety and psych myself out pretty well. an i'm AWESOME at narrowing choices down to 2 and picking the wrong one. or just flat out picking the wrong answer, even when i know what the right one is. i don't seem to have that problem on standardized tests, so i'm really banking on doing decent on the STEP 1 exam.

as far as friendships go, i feel like i've gotten closer to more people in the class, and that is always a great thing. these are my future coworkers! my future consults! my future referrals! there are a lot of cool people in my class and it's great getting to know some of them better...then again there are some duds, and i'm good at avoiding people too. haha. life is too short to deal with stupidity and ignorance if i don't have to, so i don't.

let's see if i can remember the topics i've covered:

genetics: bayesian analysis, more in depth talk of disorders.
pharm: HA!
path: let's see, everything BUT the private parts, hormones, and i don't know what else.
micro: everything but viruses. boo. (i don't like micro...not only is it annoying, it has gotten me kind of freaked out about LIFE.)
icm: what, this was a class?

i like how during M2 year (at least at my school) we get to actually chill out for a week or so after each test week. last year we were getting tested once a week! no time to relax! i would like to see my cortisol levels though per test block...during test weeks i'm mentally just on edge, and i seem to drop a lot of f-bombs...in fact i think i make up new words and sing songs to them. during the last test block i had this strange infatuation with beyonce's latest song "all the single ladies (put a ring on it)" and kept trying to dance awkwardly to it. methinks i was going crazy?

being in charge of the pediatric interest group has been fun as well. i have a great VP and we are a good team getting all the mundane tasks under control. (that reminds me, i need to start sending out emails!) i've already planned dates for our next 3 meetings, and i need to get some volunteers for some volunteering and all that jazz. alas. NOT doing this again in the future, but hey, it builds up my resume and gives me some street cred with the peds department.

research was fun...my paper is currently in the hands of the second author getting some touch-ups. the conference i went to was fun...it's always nice to be around a bunch of nerds. i love nerds. plus traveling to a big city by myself, staying with complete strangers, and navigating busy subways while pulling luggage was a great learning experience for me. while i didn't get into the research program i wanted to, it was a blessing in disguise...i didn't need extra busy work on my plate, and i had already accomplished what that program wanted its participants to do. touche!

so at this point in my M2 journey, i need to start focusing on STEP 1 study. actually, i may pop open my anatomy review book with a nice cup of coffee at my favorite coffee shop in town for a nice hour or so of reading. i may also get a head start on my thank you notes for christmas. you know, i think i'll do the reading...i don't want to go back to school on MONDAY (gasp!!!) and be completely brain dead. and then i need to go to the gym today...i've got 2 weddings i'm in (may and july) PLUS i want to do venture into the world of sprint triathlons...but my whole "i can't run a mile yet" is in the way of that...haha. but no worries, i've got biking and swimming down already.

until next post!

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