Wednesday, December 10, 2008


what did i do tonight for my study break?

that's right, i took a trip to the peds ER. i'm lucky in that my preceptor doctor also has a few shifts in the peds ER, so i tagged along to see 2 hours of fun filled SORE THROATS! HEADACHES! etc etc. best of all though, I GOT TO REDUCE AN UMBILICAL HERNIA!!! AND WATCH IT POP OUT!!! AND THE BABY JUST GIGGLED! hee was fun...nice and squishy. the doctor i was with kept apologizing for how "boring" it was, but honestly, i was having fun! i had to remind him that the only patients i had really seen were genetics patients, and those histories are craaaaazy long. these were mildly satisfying because it was in a room, out in 5 minutes or less. but ugh...seeing sore throats and headaches everyday would just be soooo boring. (my doc also told me to NOT do general peds...he said SPECIALIZE in whatever...just specialize. and as a matter of fact, he will be doing a neuro residency next so that's that.)

tonight on my plate is DINNER and then more studying. honestly, i am just blah towards it, but it is a necessary evil. boo.

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janae' said...

yay real patients! :)

i've heard that a lot about doing general peds as well. but some people really seem to like it, so i guess it's a matter of fit.