Wednesday, December 24, 2008

merry christmas eve!

wow, this holiday so far has been B.U.S.Y. yesterday was really the first day i had to just relax, and i wish i could crawl back in bed. i'm not going to...i'm going to try and resist the evil bed monster so i can keep myself from getting into the sleep till 10:00 pattern. i will be going home for an overnight trip after lunch...that should be fun. i hope it's more relaxing than the trip home i did a few days ago. there's nothing like going home and being greeted by a bazillion people, half of whom AREN'T your family. it was just a bit overwhelming to say the least. i was also a witness to what happens when parents don't discipline their child...said child was running around screaming and terrorizing the dogs (poor dogs!!! they were so freaked out all night.) and rolling around on the floor, touching EVERYTHING, and the whole time the parents did absolutely nothing. sheesh! i know for a fact that i didn't do that, and that's because my parents would have spanked me so hard i would have KNOWN to immediately stop. (that's right, i am pro-spanking, but also, pro-EFFECTIVE-time outs.) it was kind of sad when you think about it...that kid can't help but be the horrible brat he is because he's never been TOLD the right thing to do. some discipline can do WONDERS...aaak!

things i have baked so far: lemon cupcakes with vanilla cream cheese icing, chocolate cupcakes with festive mint cream cheese icing, 4-layer red velvet cake, and i'm about to shape some wheat and white bread loaves for their final rising. i think i'm going to convert some of the white bread into cinnamon raisin bread or cinnamon rolls. it's the same process, but one gets cut into smaller pieces and the other doesn't. i'm baking a cake for my friend's birthday party on the 27th...i'm still in the midst of heavy research! i just gotta do it all RIGHT. i'm thinking lemon cake...white chocolate ganache...raspberries??? too many choices!

and so after that last paragraph, is it any surprise that all the presents i have received thus far involve COOKING? my friends and family must all know my passions OR have ulterior motives...hahaha. in any case, i like it because that means i can cook MORE...i'll need to have a dinner party before the break is over so i can break in all my new gear.

when am i going to study for the step? hahaha...that's right...ugh! i think today i may bring a book with me when i go home, but no stress. i'll most likely wait until after this weekend is over to do anything related to school.

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