Tuesday, December 30, 2008

a return to sanity...

i say return to sanity because these past few days have been SO NICE...i have to pinch myself at times! for example: am i really baking all this delicious food? am i really laying on the couch? did i not just watch SIX STRAIGHT EPISODES of TOP CHEF on the youtubes while KNITTING A SCARF? did i just manage to fold and put away all my laundry?

i know i said that i would be posting a ton over the break, but you know how that goes...i should just not promise things anymore...hahaha. also, if anybody out there wants me to blog on a certain topic, or answer questions, i'd be happy to do so...just leave a comment or send me an email. sometimes i feel at a loss of what to type...i'm sure there are more interesting things i can say besides the "omg this is gross!" or "i feel blah" types of posts!

now would be an appropriate time to have some reflections of the first half of 2nd year...wouldn't you think? ok, i'll do it then...


during the first half we had 3 test blocks and covered all kinds of topics. school started out decently, i'm learning a lot of new things, feeling good about school...most importantly, it's going SO MUCH BETTER than first year. (and you can read ALL about my M1 experience(s) in this blog if you have some spare time and have nothing else going on!) best of all, i can go into a test and expect to do decently, heck, i can do well on a test by my standards! i don't worry about "omg is this going to be a fix-it-later test grade", i just go in, take a test, and voila! all done. i don't know if i've said it on this blog, but i do get test anxiety and psych myself out pretty well. an i'm AWESOME at narrowing choices down to 2 and picking the wrong one. or just flat out picking the wrong answer, even when i know what the right one is. i don't seem to have that problem on standardized tests, so i'm really banking on doing decent on the STEP 1 exam.

as far as friendships go, i feel like i've gotten closer to more people in the class, and that is always a great thing. these are my future coworkers! my future consults! my future referrals! there are a lot of cool people in my class and it's great getting to know some of them better...then again there are some duds, and i'm good at avoiding people too. haha. life is too short to deal with stupidity and ignorance if i don't have to, so i don't.

let's see if i can remember the topics i've covered:

genetics: bayesian analysis, more in depth talk of disorders.
pharm: HA!
path: let's see, everything BUT the private parts, hormones, and i don't know what else.
micro: everything but viruses. boo. (i don't like micro...not only is it annoying, it has gotten me kind of freaked out about LIFE.)
icm: what, this was a class?

i like how during M2 year (at least at my school) we get to actually chill out for a week or so after each test week. last year we were getting tested once a week! no time to relax! i would like to see my cortisol levels though per test block...during test weeks i'm mentally just on edge, and i seem to drop a lot of f-bombs...in fact i think i make up new words and sing songs to them. during the last test block i had this strange infatuation with beyonce's latest song "all the single ladies (put a ring on it)" and kept trying to dance awkwardly to it. methinks i was going crazy?

being in charge of the pediatric interest group has been fun as well. i have a great VP and we are a good team getting all the mundane tasks under control. (that reminds me, i need to start sending out emails!) i've already planned dates for our next 3 meetings, and i need to get some volunteers for some volunteering and all that jazz. alas. NOT doing this again in the future, but hey, it builds up my resume and gives me some street cred with the peds department.

research was fun...my paper is currently in the hands of the second author getting some touch-ups. the conference i went to was fun...it's always nice to be around a bunch of nerds. i love nerds. plus traveling to a big city by myself, staying with complete strangers, and navigating busy subways while pulling luggage was a great learning experience for me. while i didn't get into the research program i wanted to, it was a blessing in disguise...i didn't need extra busy work on my plate, and i had already accomplished what that program wanted its participants to do. touche!

so at this point in my M2 journey, i need to start focusing on STEP 1 study. actually, i may pop open my anatomy review book with a nice cup of coffee at my favorite coffee shop in town for a nice hour or so of reading. i may also get a head start on my thank you notes for christmas. you know, i think i'll do the reading...i don't want to go back to school on MONDAY (gasp!!!) and be completely brain dead. and then i need to go to the gym today...i've got 2 weddings i'm in (may and july) PLUS i want to do venture into the world of sprint triathlons...but my whole "i can't run a mile yet" is in the way of that...haha. but no worries, i've got biking and swimming down already.

until next post!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

merry christmas eve!

wow, this holiday so far has been B.U.S.Y. yesterday was really the first day i had to just relax, and i wish i could crawl back in bed. i'm not going to...i'm going to try and resist the evil bed monster so i can keep myself from getting into the sleep till 10:00 pattern. i will be going home for an overnight trip after lunch...that should be fun. i hope it's more relaxing than the trip home i did a few days ago. there's nothing like going home and being greeted by a bazillion people, half of whom AREN'T your family. it was just a bit overwhelming to say the least. i was also a witness to what happens when parents don't discipline their child...said child was running around screaming and terrorizing the dogs (poor dogs!!! they were so freaked out all night.) and rolling around on the floor, touching EVERYTHING, and the whole time the parents did absolutely nothing. sheesh! i know for a fact that i didn't do that, and that's because my parents would have spanked me so hard i would have KNOWN to immediately stop. (that's right, i am pro-spanking, but also, pro-EFFECTIVE-time outs.) it was kind of sad when you think about it...that kid can't help but be the horrible brat he is because he's never been TOLD the right thing to do. some discipline can do WONDERS...aaak!

things i have baked so far: lemon cupcakes with vanilla cream cheese icing, chocolate cupcakes with festive mint cream cheese icing, 4-layer red velvet cake, and i'm about to shape some wheat and white bread loaves for their final rising. i think i'm going to convert some of the white bread into cinnamon raisin bread or cinnamon rolls. it's the same process, but one gets cut into smaller pieces and the other doesn't. i'm baking a cake for my friend's birthday party on the 27th...i'm still in the midst of heavy research! i just gotta do it all RIGHT. i'm thinking lemon cake...white chocolate ganache...raspberries??? too many choices!

and so after that last paragraph, is it any surprise that all the presents i have received thus far involve COOKING? my friends and family must all know my passions OR have ulterior motives...hahaha. in any case, i like it because that means i can cook MORE...i'll need to have a dinner party before the break is over so i can break in all my new gear.

when am i going to study for the step? hahaha...that's right...ugh! i think today i may bring a book with me when i go home, but no stress. i'll most likely wait until after this weekend is over to do anything related to school.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

ugh. stupid politics.

ok, so a quick post just to let those of you who read my blog read some articles that are going to prompt a VERY substantial post in the future...if i didn't have an evil MICRO TEST that i was cramming for tomorrow at 9 am i would definitely lay out my thoughts now...

washington post article

liberal blog post from daily kos (hey, not all liberal things are evil...)

basically, just a quick opinion...if a patient comes to you and says "i want you to do ___ for me", and if you the doctor are morally/ethically/religiously opposed, then tell the patient "i'm sorry, but i don't do ___, but here is a place where you can go to get ___ where it is SAFE and done/given in a HEALTHY WAY." seriously people, is it that hard? this ruling is going to let people just say "GO AWAY I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH AND I HOPE YOU ROT AND DIE." ok, maybe that sentence was harsh, but jeeeez...are we not doctors? do we not look out for our patients? DO WE NOT REMEMBER THE HIPPOCRATIC OATH WE ALL HAVE SAID?

the way i see it...all the anti-abortionists out there (the ones who allow zero exceptions and mock the "health of the mother", etc) are telling all future rapists that THEY THE RAPIST ARE FREE TO CHOOSE the mothers of their bastard children without ANY consequences. (oooh, look at that woman over there...i think she'll be the one! and then her! and her! have i met my "i must forcibly create 10 conceptions a day while ruining the lives of innocent women" quota yet?)

is that the society we live in? since men rule the world, men will still rape women. that is a sad fact of life. i'm sorry, but if i were raped by some crazy psycho in a horribly brutal way, i think i would like to at least have a choice of "do i or don't i", and i would like to know that there is a doctor somewhere out there who can help me in a safe manner.

i bet the super conservatives don't see the picture that way.

alas, back to micro. i'll talk more about this later. sorry for getting so riled up, but this is a very important issue to me.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


this is sooo crazy!

if i were the pediatric brain surgeon and saw THAT, i think i would have pooped my pants!

wow...i hope the kid heals up and goes on to have a full and wonderful life.

next 2 tests: micro. aaak!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

path sucked.

yeah, that's right.

hopefully i'm just overreacting...haha.

nap time.

3 more left!


UPDATE: didn't suck as bad as i thought! actually did A-OK! and also, in M2 year they seriously are on speed getting the grades posted. i kind of like it.

Monday, December 15, 2008

ah, yes, test week

had first test today in pharmacology. boo. it also had 4 genetics questions on it. the way genetics goes at my school...either you make a GOOD grade or a crappy one. hopefully i made more towards the good end of things...

tomorrow is pathology. hopefully it will be ok...i'm sure it will. or it will at least be decent. better than today.

can't wait till friday!

also, i'm keeping a list of good blog topics to post on over the break...so if i seem like i'm being lazy on my end...just think...frylime will have a bazillion posts over the break! yay!

ok, study time. chao.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


what did i do tonight for my study break?

that's right, i took a trip to the peds ER. i'm lucky in that my preceptor doctor also has a few shifts in the peds ER, so i tagged along to see 2 hours of fun filled SORE THROATS! HEADACHES! etc etc. best of all though, I GOT TO REDUCE AN UMBILICAL HERNIA!!! AND WATCH IT POP OUT!!! AND THE BABY JUST GIGGLED! hee hee...it was fun...nice and squishy. the doctor i was with kept apologizing for how "boring" it was, but honestly, i was having fun! i had to remind him that the only patients i had really seen were genetics patients, and those histories are craaaaazy long. these were mildly satisfying because it was in a room, out in 5 minutes or less. but ugh...seeing sore throats and headaches everyday would just be soooo boring. (my doc also told me to NOT do general peds...he said SPECIALIZE in whatever...just specialize. and as a matter of fact, he will be doing a neuro residency next so that's that.)

tonight on my plate is DINNER and then more studying. honestly, i am just blah towards it, but it is a necessary evil. boo.

Monday, December 08, 2008

beginning of the end...

my week of tests starts 1 week from today...posting will be scarce...i think...or maybe it will be the same...haha. just throw me some good vibes and everything will be ok. my main foci for the week are pathology and microbiology...i will be having 2 micro exams next week. that class is shorter than path or pharm, so i need to make sure to hit these next 2 tests good so i don't have to worry about my grade. ok, i always worry about grades, but you know, it will be alright in the end. i am learning a lot so that's the most important thing. OH, and this week i'll be officially doing my first HISTORY. woo!!! that should be on friday...i'll try and remember to let y'all know how it goes...

in less than 2 weeks i'll be out for christmas break and i am SO EXCITED. i did some baking this weekend so i wouldn't feel the urge to bake anymore until the break. so if you have any ideas of what i should bake...leave them here!

with that, i leave you with my pink velvet cupcakes...i call them the LOVECAKES...

Friday, December 05, 2008

wordle procrastination...

this is what wordle thinks my blog looks like...har har har.

Thursday, December 04, 2008


har har...just studying up on some microbiology and thought i'd procrastinate a bit and give a shout out to Shigella dysenteriae. yeah, i have been privileged enough in my lifetime to have been blessed with shigella and man oh man, it was NOT pleasant. for those of you who don't know, shigella is a bacteria that gets in your intestines and makes you have AWFUL DIARRHEA. yes, awful. like explosive, can't control it diarrhea. the kind that you just say "i give up" and sleep on the toilet because that's all you can do. oh and the kicker is the way it's transmitted is if you eat some poop that has shigella in it. that's right...i had eaten something with POOP on it and that is how i got shigella. i think that thought is worse than the uncontrollable diarrhea! i remember my doctor asking me about every restaurant that i had been at in the past few days...i think we got it narrowed down to some bad deli meat but who knows. thankfully some antibiotics got rid of that bugger fast. all this happened in high school sometime.

there's nothing like a personal story like that to make you severely empathize with patients suffering from shigella or giardia and whatnot. plus, after recounting this story to some friends (because who doesn't like talking about poop), i realized that not many people have experienced the phenomenon of "i have to poop and i have to poop NOW and it's not waiting for me to reach the toilet before it decides to explode"! sorry if that's a bit graphic...hahaha. but it's the truth!

in other news, i'm drinking a homemade hot cocoa and it is delicious! i also made some yummy tacos for dinner with homemade salsa. and i can't wait till my break so i can bake a ton.

studying has been a bit difficult these past few days. i hope that it gets better STAT. i'm sure it will...my main focus this block is micro and path since those are the topics that we have been SLAMMED with new material. luckily, in pharm a lot of the drugs we have to learn are repeats of some of the antibiotics that i've already learned in micro, so there's at least a mini-break there.

ok, back to bacteria. woo!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

what kind of doctor will i be?

hopefully not like these doctors...

doctors should be confident, but not arrogant. and definitely not condescending. alas. i can already pinpoint people in my class who are going to fit the "bad doctor" stereotype. honestly, there's nothing that you can say or do to change some folks. (believe me, i've tried.) i feel sorry for their future patients.

this week i helped set up the pediatric toy drive and a trip to the children's hospital. we'll be going next week to deliver stickers. should be a fun time.

december 2 and i still haven't turned on my heat! haha...i enjoy my cheap energy bills...but i know i can't put up with this much longer.

tests begin in less than 2 weeks. scary. but then afterwards, BREAK...but i guess you should really call that time period STEP 1 study...blah!