Saturday, November 01, 2008

it's definitely cold outside

i guess you could say that the area that i live in has made the transition into fall. i LOVE fall. i love most seasons, but i guess you could say the hierarchy is fall, spring, summer, winter. i say winter last because i hate getting my face frozen off as i walk across the street to school every day. granted, i've never truly experienced snow, but that is a different story.

last night my school had a halloween party. H and i almost decided not to go, but decided to at last minute. the party was pretty "chill" compared to last year. we got our cheap beers and sat on the side and just people watched. there were a lot of slutty costumes, but not as much as last year. actually, there weren't as many people this year there than last year, but i think that had to do with a bunch of folks traveling to their alma maters to watch football games. still, there were a few costumes that were cool: a group of tetris blocks, some sarah palins, lot of "juno and skeezers". i was just happy that nobody had my costume idea. granted, i didn't dress up too much...i just put on a bridesmaid dress that happened to be pepto-bismol pink and painted a wide "sash" to go around me like a bottle label. i was going to do a hat, but didn't feel like doing the effort. i made H pin an H.pylori on his shirt so he at least had a costume on. in the end i enjoyed myself.

this morning i'm trying to will myself to read pathology. we're doing the cardiovascular system which is interesting to me, i guess since i've worked around it before. our blocks are normally 6 weeks long, with the 6th week being test week. this time, however, it's a bit longer to match up with the holidays. we have so many different topics going on that i do not want to get behind.

today i will also be working on my paper and the poster. i got a lot of good feedback on my paper, so i just need to SHORE UP the content, edit grammar errors, and format my tables and references. as for the poster, that will be an exercise in anal retentiveness. it needs to be done in approx 2 weeks since i'll be presenting it at that conference. i'm excited about going to it because the city it's in has a SUBWAY...i'm going to have FUN riding the subway.

i do need to go to the gym today to get my reccommended 30 minutes of cardio. i also have a bridal shower at 5:00. i don't know about you, but 5:00 for a bridal shower (more specifically, a lingerie shower of a decidedly more non-conservative theme), isn't that a bit early? it's not like i'm going to a "passion party" (which are usually totally awkward to go to, of reasons i shall not explain on this blog, but if you're brave you can google it) or whatever, but i would have thought more like 7 in the evening or something. alas, i didn't plan it, so no complaining.

ok, reading time. topic du jour: arteriosclerosis.

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Dragonfly said...

Is it your bridal shower or a friends? Am wondering if I dare googling passion party.