Friday, November 07, 2008

friday rundown

hello internet world, it's me, frylime.

this week has been so crazy. can i break it down to ya, day-by-day style?

monday: can i even remember monday? i don't know what i did on monday. oh well. i assume i studied, freaked out, worked on my poster, worked on my paper, and freaked out a bit more. lot of obama hoping going on as well.

tuesday: VOTED!!! wore my obama logo t-shirt. picked up the uber cool PIG t-shirts! i have included the logo that yours truly created. for as long as i've known, the pediatric interest group has been dubbed "PIG"...does it make sense? this is not the full shirt, but i figured i could give you the logo without totally outing myself...haha. i know it's simple, but i wanted us to have a simple, plain t-shirt that looked a bit whimsical. they were offered in royal blue and also an azalea pink color...for some reason the pink shirts dominated like 4 to 1. har har. yeah and i folded a ton of shirts. also caught the mccain and obama speeches. had some wine. woo.

wednesday: delivered said PIG t-shirts. ran all over campus. did i register for STEP 1 this day? i think i did. worked furiously on poster. omg. so glad to get it done, let my advisor's GC look at it. (genetic counselor, for all you out there.) went to a friend's birthday gathering. ate a hamburger.

thursday: read a bunch of newsweek articles. studied pathology. we're doing cardiology at this point. also, went to see a dermatologist. dropped the "i'm in med school" bit. he ended up not charging me for the visit...and i can't decide if it was because i had no need for follow up (i basically went because i started freaking out over some moles and my vitiligo [seriously, the spot is so small on my nose that nobody notices it]...knowing a little bit about everything is kind of dangerous) OR because he was helping out a poor med student. he even gave me some free samples of tacrolimus for the vitiligo. when they said "no charge", i just ran outta that office just in case they decided to change their minds...haha. i called my dad up and said "i think i've reached the inner sanctum of becoming a doctor". also i gave a 5 minute talk to the M1s about doing research work during their summer off. (my mentor made me do it.) the talk went great, though i'm kind of spastic when i do public speaking, but everyone laughed with me and kept bobbing their heads up and down like they were "getting me", so i figure i came off "approachable" and "normal" instead of "super spastic" like i think i did. made chicken noodle soup for dinner from complete scratch.

friday: look at poster one more time. it's one smart looking poster. submit for printing. hope that it isn't crappy once it gets printed. also mail in my ID certification form to the STEP 1 people. pray that the post office doesn't eat it somehow. finally pin down someone to headline the next PIG meeting, and reserve the room to have it in. currently sitting in a coffee shop trying to mend my brain from studying ischemic heart disease and antiarrhythmic drugs.

so there you have it, my week. i realize that my writing is really stream of consciousness, and you know what? i don't care. i could be the next faulkner, or better yet, the next milan kundera. i just love his work! (i never got through my one faulkner book i was supposed to read. ha, yeah, i suck.)

also, the life of a med student is just GO GO GO GO GO. i swear, this week went by so fast because it was just nonstop action. this weekend is going to be some serious catchup study time, and luckily we have tuesday coming up off. then i'm at the conference on thursday and friday and saturday...aaaaaah! can i just have some tranquilizers now? or, i think i could handle just a beer. ok i will stop now, probably freaking you guys out. but one more big tip before i go, POTENTIAL MED STUDENTS, get thee a PLANNER and SCRIBBLETH IN IT OFTEN. seriously, if i didn't have a planner i think my head would explode.

that is all.

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