Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thanksgiving!

in about 1 hour i will be headed back home with H in tow to see my lovely family...hopefully today won't be too dysfunctional! but those types of gatherings are always fun...even more so when you can leave...hahaha!

just playing...i'm looking forward to my mama's cooking and listening to my brother and my dad bitch about football. and then there are the 3 italian greyhounds that will be wigging out all day because they are retarded. yay! and then the joy of watching H, an "outsider", watch all of the madness.

today's going to be great! i hope your turkey day is great as well.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

substantive and long post ahead

i guess it's been a while since i've posted something "real" know...the deep probing type of post. so here goes...

it's almost the end of november...i'll be glad when this semester is over. tests are the 3rd week of december and then i get ~2.5 weeks off for the holidays. i don't know if i'll be traveling or staying home or studying or what, but i'll be glad to not have school looming around for a few days.

i don't know if i wrote that i had applied to a research grant program at my school to fund all my research fun, but i found out a few weeks ago that i didn't get the grant. it's ok that i didn't get it...basically the "goal" of receiving the grant was to go to a national conference and present your research and get a paper published. they also wanted you to attend all these seminars too and whatnot..."busy work". well, i've already done the national conference, poster presentation, and working to get a paper published. and yes, i did pay my own money, but it went to good use. so it's no sweat off my back that i didn't get the grant...i was bummed for about 5 seconds, but then i was relieved that i didn't have to do the extra busy work. between studying and running the peds club and research and living life, i was worried that i would explode if i had any more duties thrust upon me. so yeah, blessing in disguise.

since we don't have an attendance policy, the class size can be quite small. however, today i was in class and there were only EIGHT PEOPLE! my class has a size of 117!!! i felt so bad for the professor, i really did. he was an older man doing his job, albeit a bit boringly, but not the absolute worst lecturer! i was just embarassed that my class doesn't come anymore...but at the same time, i know a lot of people don't go anymore because they can study more efficiently and effectively on their own. and yes, i know not every professor can be great, but i just feel bad sometimes when they don't get students to come and listen. how will they know how to improve if there's nobody there to give them feedback?

since people don't come to class anymore, i hardly see certain people. that in itself is sad...because we're going to be strangers come 3rd year when we have to work with each other. it's just seems like there are secret factions in the library...people grouping together and studying furiously at all hours of the day. the way certain people act towards me has changed, and that makes me sad. i know i certainly haven't changed, and i know for a fact that i am not a "gunner" person. but maybe some people think i am secretly one? if they do, then they're stupid. i just want to graduate and be a doctor. i guess i'm thinking about this now because i just entered into a favorite coffee shop of mine and saw a group of people from school that i would consider "school friends". they pretty much just ignored me...i did say hello, but from their body language and whatnot, it was clear to me that my presence was not wanted. alas...i'm allowed into this public space! i like to study in coffee shops too! within 10 minutes of me arriving, they had all left. was it coincidence? i sure do hope so...because the alternative is that since i showed up, they had been "caught" and had to leave. i'm glad that when i usually come here i'm the lone medical student...the store owner/awesome barista knows i'm in school and whatnot, but i guess even she can sense that i'm not "the same" as the others. oh well.

i'm not lamenting the loss of friends...i've got plenty of really good and awesome friends that i can count on 2+ hands. what more could i want? i just think the competitiveness is stupid. i am not your competition. at least not now, hopefully never, and if you decided to play that "game", then you're the stupid one. you only play against yourself in the world of doctor-dom...not against your colleague. you should strive to better yourself and bolster up your friends, not look at them shiftily and keep it not our common goal to help our patients? alas.

i can't wait for thurday! thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and i've already practiced making my 2 pies for my family...pumpkin pie and chocolate "pudding" pie. i say pudding loosely because it's "harder" than a pudding, but not completely solid as a brick. and it's got tofu in it! i know, you wouldn't believe how good it tastes...hahaha.

ok, i'm going to start typing up my lecture from today. luckily, the one i was assigned only lasted 30 minutes instead of the normal 50. and don't think i'm depressed...i've just been wanting to say a bunch of stuff for a while now, and today provided a good time to do it

Saturday, November 22, 2008

blog type

this is cool...a myers-briggs test for your blog!

the real life frylime is an ENTP...interesting that my blog is ESFP...the whole "rarely initiate confrontation" is so NOT me...i'm all about calling people out on their stupidity...ha! and i'm an obsessive planner...i can "live in the moment" as they say, but i also like to make sure that i have a rough idea of my plans for the day so i don't get lost. also, my apartment looks like a boy could live much for the soft fabrics bit. maybe blogs really are a form of "alter-ego" or something like that...well, just so you know, here is my blog's personality type:

ESFP - The Performers

The entertaining and friendly type. They are especially attuned to pleasure and beauty and like to fill their surroundings with soft fabrics, bright colors and sweet smells. They live in the present moment and don´t like to plan ahead - they are always in risk of exhausting themselves.

The enjoy work that makes them able to help other people in a concrete and visible way. They tend to avoid conflicts and rarely initiate confrontation - qualities that can make it hard for them in management positions.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


this morning i logged into my usmle website and found out that i can register for the step 1 today! therefore, i did thanks to online registering. may 27...that is the golden day. woo!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

conference recap

so i got home last night from the genetics conference and boy oh boy, i had fun! there were so many interesting talks that i got to listen to...there was even a talk given by the man who discovered transposons! my poster presentation went pretty well...basically i just stood by my poster while people wandered around and stopped to ask questions. the folks who stopped by my poster all left going "ooooh, interesting!" and so that made me happy.

overall, the talks i went to were really cool. one presentation gave evidence for the idea that some genetic diseases are caused by mutations in genes that are the promoters for the genes widely known to cause the disease. basically, for disease X, say that science has proven that gene A is the culprit. therefore, if gene A has a mutation in it, you will have disease X. to take it a step further, say that in order for gene A to work, it has to be "turned on" by gene B. well, this group has proved that if you have a problem in gene B, you can have a less severe course of disease X. gene A works fine, however, it doesn't get turned on by gene B. see...that is some major stuff right there! another presentation talked about how to improve symptoms/quality of life for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy patients by injecting particular genetic sequences to "convert" the disease to Becker Muscular Dystrophy, which is not as bad as DMD. i thought that was super cool. plus i went to an autism session where there were tons of "i think i've discovered a new spot that causes autism" type presentations. super cool.

the city that the conference was in was so cool...i hope to go back and visit again. i LOVE subways and trains! and i ate a cupcake from a cupcake bakery!

today i slept in, ate some breakfast, and then vacuumed my entire apartment. now i'm sneezing...coincidence? probably. on my list of things to do today are eat lunch, go to the grocery store to get items necessary to make PUMPKIN MUFFINS and SQUASH SOUP, and read the heck out of some pathology book. and pharm book. and micro...aak! (all my attempts at studying during my flights were all thwarted by nosy passengers..."oooh, is that a medical book? are you a doctor? oooh, a student? omg!!!" or by me falling asleep. alas.)

but i had fun. bottom line. yay!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

i hate airports

trip to conference so far:

- was told i was "too late" to check in...however, i had no check in bags. therefore i still technically had 3 minutes left? something new to me. ugh.

- connecting flight in atlanta is hopefully not going to be missed since atlanta is on a flying freeze. ugh.

- my flight is delayed as well. ugh.

so i'm just hanging out. blah!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

even med students are stupid

i'm in the process of baking some peanut butter oatmeal raisin cookies...put them on wax paper...put them in oven...see smoke...yeah. i'm stupid. you're not supposed to ever bake with wax paper! now i have a smoky apartment...but soon i'll have delicious cookies. yum!

update: i burned the heck out of the cookies. alas, karma. i'll have to wait till i get from my conference to redeem myself...i'll probably make some pumpkin bread.

Friday, November 07, 2008

friday rundown

hello internet world, it's me, frylime.

this week has been so crazy. can i break it down to ya, day-by-day style?

monday: can i even remember monday? i don't know what i did on monday. oh well. i assume i studied, freaked out, worked on my poster, worked on my paper, and freaked out a bit more. lot of obama hoping going on as well.

tuesday: VOTED!!! wore my obama logo t-shirt. picked up the uber cool PIG t-shirts! i have included the logo that yours truly created. for as long as i've known, the pediatric interest group has been dubbed "PIG"...does it make sense? this is not the full shirt, but i figured i could give you the logo without totally outing myself...haha. i know it's simple, but i wanted us to have a simple, plain t-shirt that looked a bit whimsical. they were offered in royal blue and also an azalea pink color...for some reason the pink shirts dominated like 4 to 1. har har. yeah and i folded a ton of shirts. also caught the mccain and obama speeches. had some wine. woo.

wednesday: delivered said PIG t-shirts. ran all over campus. did i register for STEP 1 this day? i think i did. worked furiously on poster. omg. so glad to get it done, let my advisor's GC look at it. (genetic counselor, for all you out there.) went to a friend's birthday gathering. ate a hamburger.

thursday: read a bunch of newsweek articles. studied pathology. we're doing cardiology at this point. also, went to see a dermatologist. dropped the "i'm in med school" bit. he ended up not charging me for the visit...and i can't decide if it was because i had no need for follow up (i basically went because i started freaking out over some moles and my vitiligo [seriously, the spot is so small on my nose that nobody notices it]...knowing a little bit about everything is kind of dangerous) OR because he was helping out a poor med student. he even gave me some free samples of tacrolimus for the vitiligo. when they said "no charge", i just ran outta that office just in case they decided to change their minds...haha. i called my dad up and said "i think i've reached the inner sanctum of becoming a doctor". also i gave a 5 minute talk to the M1s about doing research work during their summer off. (my mentor made me do it.) the talk went great, though i'm kind of spastic when i do public speaking, but everyone laughed with me and kept bobbing their heads up and down like they were "getting me", so i figure i came off "approachable" and "normal" instead of "super spastic" like i think i did. made chicken noodle soup for dinner from complete scratch.

friday: look at poster one more time. it's one smart looking poster. submit for printing. hope that it isn't crappy once it gets printed. also mail in my ID certification form to the STEP 1 people. pray that the post office doesn't eat it somehow. finally pin down someone to headline the next PIG meeting, and reserve the room to have it in. currently sitting in a coffee shop trying to mend my brain from studying ischemic heart disease and antiarrhythmic drugs.

so there you have it, my week. i realize that my writing is really stream of consciousness, and you know what? i don't care. i could be the next faulkner, or better yet, the next milan kundera. i just love his work! (i never got through my one faulkner book i was supposed to read. ha, yeah, i suck.)

also, the life of a med student is just GO GO GO GO GO. i swear, this week went by so fast because it was just nonstop action. this weekend is going to be some serious catchup study time, and luckily we have tuesday coming up off. then i'm at the conference on thursday and friday and saturday...aaaaaah! can i just have some tranquilizers now? or, i think i could handle just a beer. ok i will stop now, probably freaking you guys out. but one more big tip before i go, POTENTIAL MED STUDENTS, get thee a PLANNER and SCRIBBLETH IN IT OFTEN. seriously, if i didn't have a planner i think my head would explode.

that is all.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


i'm just thankful that i was a part of it. congratulations senator obama, and do our country proud.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


do your job as a united states citizen and GO VOTE.

Monday, November 03, 2008



ok, i didn't register for the exact DATE i will be taking the test, but i have just registered and paid and i will be taking the test sometime during the "3 month block" of "may-june-july 2009". scary!!! ha, my parents paid for it...considered it as an early christmas present...hahaha.

wow, just wow.

ok, working on poster presentation for next week. such is the life of a med time to spaz, must keep moving on...alas!


Saturday, November 01, 2008

it's definitely cold outside

i guess you could say that the area that i live in has made the transition into fall. i LOVE fall. i love most seasons, but i guess you could say the hierarchy is fall, spring, summer, winter. i say winter last because i hate getting my face frozen off as i walk across the street to school every day. granted, i've never truly experienced snow, but that is a different story.

last night my school had a halloween party. H and i almost decided not to go, but decided to at last minute. the party was pretty "chill" compared to last year. we got our cheap beers and sat on the side and just people watched. there were a lot of slutty costumes, but not as much as last year. actually, there weren't as many people this year there than last year, but i think that had to do with a bunch of folks traveling to their alma maters to watch football games. still, there were a few costumes that were cool: a group of tetris blocks, some sarah palins, lot of "juno and skeezers". i was just happy that nobody had my costume idea. granted, i didn't dress up too much...i just put on a bridesmaid dress that happened to be pepto-bismol pink and painted a wide "sash" to go around me like a bottle label. i was going to do a hat, but didn't feel like doing the effort. i made H pin an H.pylori on his shirt so he at least had a costume on. in the end i enjoyed myself.

this morning i'm trying to will myself to read pathology. we're doing the cardiovascular system which is interesting to me, i guess since i've worked around it before. our blocks are normally 6 weeks long, with the 6th week being test week. this time, however, it's a bit longer to match up with the holidays. we have so many different topics going on that i do not want to get behind.

today i will also be working on my paper and the poster. i got a lot of good feedback on my paper, so i just need to SHORE UP the content, edit grammar errors, and format my tables and references. as for the poster, that will be an exercise in anal retentiveness. it needs to be done in approx 2 weeks since i'll be presenting it at that conference. i'm excited about going to it because the city it's in has a SUBWAY...i'm going to have FUN riding the subway.

i do need to go to the gym today to get my reccommended 30 minutes of cardio. i also have a bridal shower at 5:00. i don't know about you, but 5:00 for a bridal shower (more specifically, a lingerie shower of a decidedly more non-conservative theme), isn't that a bit early? it's not like i'm going to a "passion party" (which are usually totally awkward to go to, of reasons i shall not explain on this blog, but if you're brave you can google it) or whatever, but i would have thought more like 7 in the evening or something. alas, i didn't plan it, so no complaining.

ok, reading time. topic du jour: arteriosclerosis.