Wednesday, October 08, 2008

this and that

studying some micro at the moment...woo.

i made a t-shirt design for the club i'm president in...i got a lot of "aaaw that's cute", which is good, since it's for the peds group...haha. i'm really excited about the will our "stamp" on the club this year, and that makes me really happy.

all this economy stuff needs to get fixed or something...too many people i know (myself included) are having a nail-biting time with their stocks and mutual funds and retirement plans.

i'm glad the presidential debate last night finally talked some about health care.

one of my classes FINALLY decided to update their test grades. (they had been withholding some bonus points.) at the end of that particular test, 4 short answer/essay type questions were asked, with the promise of "up to 2 points" each if you got them correct, or mostly correct...haha. somehow i managed to add about 5 points to my grade! definitely a happy time.

allergies have been driving me crazy...stupid flower sperm!


Anonymous said...

What was the shirt design? We're making shirts for respiratory care week and they're having a contest for a design and slogan.

frylime said...

the design was a little something i whipped up for the pediatric interest group...once i get the prototype i'll put a picture on the blog!