Saturday, October 25, 2008

test week is over, and flu shots

first let me say that i am SO GLAD that tests are over! my next round of tests isn't until december, so i can rest easy for a bit. or be cramming more...haha. i can proudly say that i am definitely still in the game. can i also say that M2 year is SO MUCH BETTER than M1 year? i finally feel that i am at a point where i just "get it". not necessarily in the way that i know every single detail that is necessary for 100% test scores, but i feel like i just have a better understanding of how things are working in school and in the real world. for example, when i look at a tube of neosporin and read the ingredients list, i know exactly how those ingredients work and what bugs they target, etc. that is cool, in my opinion.

and now to answer a question that was in a comment about my "get your flu shots" post:

When you finish test week can you write a blog persuading us why a flu shot is a good idea?

ok, now i can finally answer that question. well, let me answer on two levels:

personal level:

i chose to get a flu shot because of my academic situation. at this point i can simply not afford to take a week or so off from school because i'm sick. and shame on me if that sickness was preventable, or mostly preventable. granted, i don't have to go to class because there is no attendance policy, but i shudder at the thought of all the days of missed studying. and since i'm kinda crappy at cramming, might as well try to prevent the flu from invading my body. plus, my school is situated where i have plenty of hospital exposures, so i would have more exposures than the average person to sick people. plus plus, my hospital gives out flu shots for free to students and employees. nice!

"broader" level:

for the rest of the nonmedical world, i guess getting a flu shot is up to your discretion. i never got one until i was in college, and the reason there was because my roommate at the time got the flu and she was out of commission for DAYS. (i guess getting the flu shot after my roomie was diagnosed with the flu was a bit dumb, but i didn't get the flu!) i haven't knowingly had the flu (knock on wood) so getting a shot never crossed my mind. but i guess for the rest of the world, you should consider your potential "exposures". like, if you worked in a really crowded place, maybe you should get a flu shot. or if you worked with a lot of children or elderly people, maybe you should get a flu shot so you wouldn't be spreading the flu to people who have weaker immune systems. that's just my 2 cents, don't know if it's scientifically "valid" or whatever. just kind of going off my common sense there.

that's all folks!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm planning to get the flu shot (for the first time ever) because this is the first year I'll be examining patients. Don't want to risk exposing them to the flu!