Thursday, October 02, 2008

staphylococcus aureus

ok, now after sitting through a 2 hour lecture on staph aureus, i am officially scared poop-less of contracting an infection! all the nasty pictures, all the innocent cuts and bruises, all turning into scary antibiotics-don't-work infections!

one upsetting photo showed a contact lens on an agar plate. there were so much bacteria growing out of that lens! the professor also said "i will never let my children wear contacts", and I WEAR CONTACTS! i started freaking out in class...i've recently changed my contacts case, so i guess that's ok. but then when i got home i immediately threw out my pair i was wearing and put on a fresh new clean pair. (i'm supposed to wear my lenses for a month and throw them out, but i admit i stretch it out for longer than that.) i'm also going to make an appt with my optometrist to get a new glasses prescription so i can find a new pair that i can wear all day. (my current pair, i can wear them for a few hours at a time, but all day wearing and i get a crazy headache from the ear pieces.) i'm scared!

so yes, the hypochondriac in me is coming out in full force. i was wondering when it would start. during immunopath i convinced myself that i have an autoimmune disorder (i have big reactions to mosquito bites, a teeny patch of vitiligo, and intermittent asthma). after i undiagnosed that unknown disease, now i have micro to tend! staph aureus is evil!


Anonymous said...

I sometimes get the overpowering urge to shower after spending even a few minutes in the hospital. It's amazing how many scary pathogens are out there and how many people have them.

frylime said...

i've instituted all these weird tricks in public restroom areas and excessive hand truly is scary!

YS said...

When I was reading psych I went around diagnosing everyone I knew especially family members ;)

All of us medical students will get over this as our knowledge increases.