Wednesday, October 01, 2008

potential freaking out!

i looked at my calendar today and GASP after this week there will only be THREE WEEKS LEFT UNTIL THE NEXT TEST BLOCK.

that, my friends, is quite frightening. i have been studying this block, don't get me wrong, but i need to ramp it up another notch. i want my scores on these next tests to be better on the first set...not only will it look nice to see a positive trend, but omg such an ego boost! hahaha...

i've been making all these delightful flashy cards...currently working on a micro set. just have to remember to READ them after i'm done making them.

today we had an ENT (or otolaryngology, for all you nerds) lecture, nothing too crazy. more of the "what is ENT?" type of lecture, complete with gross nasty pictures of open sores in mouths, gaping neck wounds, cystic vocal cords, etc etc. my surgery rotation is going to be horrible, i can already tell...

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