Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the monster ahead: STEP 1

today we are going to have an informative lunch session about all things STEP 1 related. we're going have M3s talk to us about their experience with it, as well as the nitty gritty "when to apply" kind of stuff as well. it's scary but also kind of exciting that i'm almost at the point where i take that awful test that all other M2s in the nation will be taking. i want to do really well so it can help "make up" for my colorful academic career thus far...i have a strength in taking standardized exams, so hopefully i will be able to use this to my advantage.

this past weekend my lovely parents let me go on a mini-shopping spree for school clothes...specifically business casual pants. (i am in LOVE with ann taylor loft PETITES!) i was quite productive...it's always nice when you lose weight so that old pants don't fit, but at the same time slightly aggravating...i always hate having to get pants because it's just such an ordeal to find them that will fit me and also be the right length. but now i have some that are awesome so no more complaining.

next week i'm supposed to go to a lunch that is for M1s interested in summer research. i think my role will be to say a few words about my awesome experience. i do truly recommend doing some research during you life, just because it's fun to be able to discover something new. i'm going to a conference soon for my research...my goal this week is to finish my paper and then work on my poster for that conference. completely doable...i think.

last night after i studied my aminoglycosides (antibiotics) i went on a cleaning rampage...or at least a "sort all my recycling" rampage...everything is sorted and ready for me to take to the recycling bins. i can't believe that i allowed myself to let things build up so badly. i'll do that tomorrow. also i made some kick-butt banana bread the other day, and it is quite delicious. i'm thinking about making some pumpkin spice stuff to get me all into the holidays.

speaking of holidays, i think for halloween i will be dressing up as pepto-bismol...woo!

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poppa jim said...

Good luck on your tests... I'll be think of you. And congrats on those trimmer clothes!
BTW, I want to se a foto of you as Pepto-Bisol!