Friday, October 17, 2008

200th post!

yay for the 200 mark! how exciting!

just a quick note to say that the pediatric interest group meeting yesterday went REALLY well, and i am looking forward to planning more. everyone likes the t-shirts! yay! we had some of the peds residents speak, and it just turned out great. i know i learned a lot and they gave some excellent advice.

in micro we gram stained and checked out our throat culture colonies, and i have some weird bugs in there. at least 2 different types of strep and neisseria! aaaak! but not THAT kind of neisseria...hahaha. (folks who don't know about neisseria, just do a google search...yours truly does NOT have that kind of neisseria.) though i must admit that i was shocked when i saw that organism under the microscope, but a lot of people in my class had that bug growing in their throats. evidently it's part of the normal flora...who would have thunk it?

also, cool link about cpr. i think i should try to remember this!

alright, i probably won't post for a few days since i have the dreaded WEEK OF TESTS next week. gotta get my game face on!

also also, GET YOUR FLU SHOTS! i got mine yesterday.


janae' said...

good luck this week! i know you'll do great!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

I've never gotten a flu shot. I've never gotten the flu (that I know of). My philosophy is, don't fix something that's not broken. When you finish test week can you write a blog persuading us why a flu shot is a good idea? Incidentally, I just read a book about infectious diseases.