Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the monster ahead: STEP 1

today we are going to have an informative lunch session about all things STEP 1 related. we're going have M3s talk to us about their experience with it, as well as the nitty gritty "when to apply" kind of stuff as well. it's scary but also kind of exciting that i'm almost at the point where i take that awful test that all other M2s in the nation will be taking. i want to do really well so it can help "make up" for my colorful academic career thus far...i have a strength in taking standardized exams, so hopefully i will be able to use this to my advantage.

this past weekend my lovely parents let me go on a mini-shopping spree for school clothes...specifically business casual pants. (i am in LOVE with ann taylor loft PETITES!) i was quite productive...it's always nice when you lose weight so that old pants don't fit, but at the same time slightly aggravating...i always hate having to get pants because it's just such an ordeal to find them that will fit me and also be the right length. but now i have some that are awesome so no more complaining.

next week i'm supposed to go to a lunch that is for M1s interested in summer research. i think my role will be to say a few words about my awesome experience. i do truly recommend doing some research during you life, just because it's fun to be able to discover something new. i'm going to a conference soon for my research...my goal this week is to finish my paper and then work on my poster for that conference. completely doable...i think.

last night after i studied my aminoglycosides (antibiotics) i went on a cleaning rampage...or at least a "sort all my recycling" rampage...everything is sorted and ready for me to take to the recycling bins. i can't believe that i allowed myself to let things build up so badly. i'll do that tomorrow. also i made some kick-butt banana bread the other day, and it is quite delicious. i'm thinking about making some pumpkin spice stuff to get me all into the holidays.

speaking of holidays, i think for halloween i will be dressing up as pepto-bismol...woo!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

test week is over, and flu shots

first let me say that i am SO GLAD that tests are over! my next round of tests isn't until december, so i can rest easy for a bit. or be cramming more...haha. i can proudly say that i am definitely still in the game. can i also say that M2 year is SO MUCH BETTER than M1 year? i finally feel that i am at a point where i just "get it". not necessarily in the way that i know every single detail that is necessary for 100% test scores, but i feel like i just have a better understanding of how things are working in school and in the real world. for example, when i look at a tube of neosporin and read the ingredients list, i know exactly how those ingredients work and what bugs they target, etc. that is cool, in my opinion.

and now to answer a question that was in a comment about my "get your flu shots" post:

When you finish test week can you write a blog persuading us why a flu shot is a good idea?

ok, now i can finally answer that question. well, let me answer on two levels:

personal level:

i chose to get a flu shot because of my academic situation. at this point i can simply not afford to take a week or so off from school because i'm sick. and shame on me if that sickness was preventable, or mostly preventable. granted, i don't have to go to class because there is no attendance policy, but i shudder at the thought of all the days of missed studying. and since i'm kinda crappy at cramming, might as well try to prevent the flu from invading my body. plus, my school is situated where i have plenty of hospital exposures, so i would have more exposures than the average person to sick people. plus plus, my hospital gives out flu shots for free to students and employees. nice!

"broader" level:

for the rest of the nonmedical world, i guess getting a flu shot is up to your discretion. i never got one until i was in college, and the reason there was because my roommate at the time got the flu and she was out of commission for DAYS. (i guess getting the flu shot after my roomie was diagnosed with the flu was a bit dumb, but i didn't get the flu!) i haven't knowingly had the flu (knock on wood) so getting a shot never crossed my mind. but i guess for the rest of the world, you should consider your potential "exposures". like, if you worked in a really crowded place, maybe you should get a flu shot. or if you worked with a lot of children or elderly people, maybe you should get a flu shot so you wouldn't be spreading the flu to people who have weaker immune systems. that's just my 2 cents, don't know if it's scientifically "valid" or whatever. just kind of going off my common sense there.

that's all folks!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

3rd test today

all i can say is...


that is all.

Friday, October 17, 2008

200th post!

yay for the 200 mark! how exciting!

just a quick note to say that the pediatric interest group meeting yesterday went REALLY well, and i am looking forward to planning more. everyone likes the t-shirts! yay! we had some of the peds residents speak, and it just turned out great. i know i learned a lot and they gave some excellent advice.

in micro we gram stained and checked out our throat culture colonies, and i have some weird bugs in there. at least 2 different types of strep and neisseria! aaaak! but not THAT kind of neisseria...hahaha. (folks who don't know about neisseria, just do a google search...yours truly does NOT have that kind of neisseria.) though i must admit that i was shocked when i saw that organism under the microscope, but a lot of people in my class had that bug growing in their throats. evidently it's part of the normal flora...who would have thunk it?

also, cool link about cpr. i think i should try to remember this!

alright, i probably won't post for a few days since i have the dreaded WEEK OF TESTS next week. gotta get my game face on!

also also, GET YOUR FLU SHOTS! i got mine yesterday.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ugh, monday of hell

ok, so it's only wednesday and i'm hoping that this week gets better, because my monday was horrible! oh, why don't i elaborate!
  • wake up monday morning, look in the mirror. FACE COVERED IN RED HIVES. yeah, that's what happens when you use benzoyl peroxide after many years of NOT using it. decide to go to school anyway.
  • mid morning on monday, go to student health and get diphenhydramine cream and commence slathering my face. hives begin to go away.
  • late afternoon on monday, my right temporomandibular joint starts to have PAIN! and it STILL HURTS. i wonder if it's connected to the hives...blah. just makes eating a bit more fun than normal. (sarcasm.)
  • evening on monday, my throat starts to hurt and i am beginning to have a productive cough. at least in micro lab this week we're doing throat swabs so maybe i can diagnose myself.
  • tuesday i realize that i have some sort of sensitivity to gross lab smells...i have been exposed to the smells of gross lab 3-4 times this year (through the M1s) and every time, i get hot, start sweating, get a headache, and my face starts to get numb. like, when i say hot, if i'm wearing glasses the lenses fog up, and nobody else around me is hot. maybe PTSD? HA.
that's pretty much it. at least there's another debate tonight. i like watching them.

and lots of studying. blah blah. i still hate pharm.

Friday, October 10, 2008

old love, found

if any of you should wonder what my new procrastination is these days, wonder no more...


omg, i used to play tetris so much! it's my latest study crack...hahaha.

1 more week until test week! currently learning some asthma and GI drugs, and no, they don't really go together easily...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

this and that

studying some micro at the moment...woo.

i made a t-shirt design for the club i'm president in...i got a lot of "aaaw that's cute", which is good, since it's for the peds group...haha. i'm really excited about the shirts...it will our "stamp" on the club this year, and that makes me really happy.

all this economy stuff needs to get fixed or something...too many people i know (myself included) are having a nail-biting time with their stocks and mutual funds and retirement plans.

i'm glad the presidential debate last night finally talked some about health care.

one of my classes FINALLY decided to update their test grades. (they had been withholding some bonus points.) at the end of that particular test, 4 short answer/essay type questions were asked, with the promise of "up to 2 points" each if you got them correct, or mostly correct...haha. somehow i managed to add about 5 points to my grade! definitely a happy time.

allergies have been driving me crazy...stupid flower sperm!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

staphylococcus aureus

ok, now after sitting through a 2 hour lecture on staph aureus, i am officially scared poop-less of contracting an infection! all the nasty pictures, all the innocent cuts and bruises, all turning into scary antibiotics-don't-work infections!

one upsetting photo showed a contact lens on an agar plate. there were so much bacteria growing out of that lens! the professor also said "i will never let my children wear contacts", and I WEAR CONTACTS! i started freaking out in class...i've recently changed my contacts case, so i guess that's ok. but then when i got home i immediately threw out my pair i was wearing and put on a fresh new clean pair. (i'm supposed to wear my lenses for a month and throw them out, but i admit i stretch it out for longer than that.) i'm also going to make an appt with my optometrist to get a new glasses prescription so i can find a new pair that i can wear all day. (my current pair, i can wear them for a few hours at a time, but all day wearing and i get a crazy headache from the ear pieces.) i'm scared!

so yes, the hypochondriac in me is coming out in full force. i was wondering when it would start. during immunopath i convinced myself that i have an autoimmune disorder (i have big reactions to mosquito bites, a teeny patch of vitiligo, and intermittent asthma). after i undiagnosed that unknown disease, now i have micro to tend with...boo! staph aureus is evil!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

potential freaking out!

i looked at my calendar today and GASP after this week there will only be THREE WEEKS LEFT UNTIL THE NEXT TEST BLOCK.

that, my friends, is quite frightening. i have been studying this block, don't get me wrong, but i need to ramp it up another notch. i want my scores on these next tests to be better on the first set...not only will it look nice to see a positive trend, but omg such an ego boost! hahaha...

i've been making all these delightful flashy cards...currently working on a micro set. just have to remember to READ them after i'm done making them.

today we had an ENT (or otolaryngology, for all you nerds) lecture, nothing too crazy. more of the "what is ENT?" type of lecture, complete with gross nasty pictures of open sores in mouths, gaping neck wounds, cystic vocal cords, etc etc. my surgery rotation is going to be horrible, i can already tell...