Tuesday, September 09, 2008

ugh, tests

i have a major headache...

blah tooth filling (supposedly i am to feel tooth sensitivity for up to 2 weeks) and blah eye strain.

yesterday i had my intro to clinical medicine exam...it was ok. i felt some of the questions were below the belt, so to speak, but still doable. when i say below belt, i mean that i was able to answer the questions because of knowledge not gained in that particular class...

today was my pathology test. it covered cell injury and inflammation, cell repair, immunopath diseases, neoplasia, and some lab technique things. 100 questions in 2 hours time. nothing was too difficult...there were definitely a few sections where i was like "hmmm, should have read that a little bit more", but only 1 or 2 questions were on topics that i had absolutely no idea about.

so far, i feel like i've passed both tests. (ha, my goal for this first round was just to pass everything...didn't want to start the bar TOO high.)

pharm is tomorrow...wish me lucks on that one! i still have a bunch of drugs to muck through, blah.

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