Sunday, September 14, 2008

recuperating weekend

since being done with tests on friday, i have had a good relaxing weekend. friday i went out with some friends and "unwinded", and then yesterday H and i went to a local state park and rode bikes around. i have to say, biking up them hills really kicked my butt! but it was a fun afternoon activity, even if it did smell faintly of fried is a view from the "overlook" tower:

i know, a little bit "generic", but i thought it was pretty! later that evening we dined out with some of my friends at a thai restaurant and it was delicious.

today is my day of cleaning! which i am terribly excited to do, which i guess is kind of sad...haha. it looks like it's going to be a rainy day, which is a perfect type of day to just get some work done in my opinion. i'm also going to print out some pictures and actually hang them on WALLS. (my friends that come over always comment on the bare quality of my walls...i think i have a fear of putting nails on them or something.)

as far as school is concerned, for this next block i'm going to turn into the flashcard diva. grades are still coming back from the tests, but i feel like i need to modify my study habits. it's a totally different style of studying when the tests are 2 weeks apart versus 6 weeks apart. and during the test week, you know you're not going to study every day for every're going to "cram" the material the day before the test. so i feel like making flashcards and studying them throughout the 5 weeks of study material will help that last minute studying more efficient, instead of wading through pages of notes and powerpoints, etc.

oh, also today i am going to be baking GOODIES, specifically CUPCAKE YUM YUMS, for the M1 class tomorrow. tomorrow is their first gross anatomy exam, which is a grueling 4 hour affair. (ha, i should know, i went through it TWICE!) it's tradition at my school for the M2s to provide snacks and whatnot for the M1s during the test break of the first test. (they split the class in half for the written and practical portions of the test, and then they swap in the middle.) i'm thinking that i will do a batch of banana and a batch of plain vanilla of my super delicious vegan cupcakes. i'm also thinking that i will experiment with the frosting to try and get a "swirled" affect. i may post pictures of those on my cooking blog...woo!

also, this week is PAPER WRITING week. omg, i need to finish my paper!!! i applied to this med student research thingy at my school to try and get funding for my project and all its adventures. i hope i get it because the money would be greatly appreciated, plus the whole recognition on my diploma thing would be quite nice as well.

ok, time to scrounge up breakfast and CLEAN!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice bike ride. Enjoy the break!