Tuesday, September 02, 2008

pro-life, pro-choice issues

today on the way to school i passed by a few signs set up by a religious pro-life very anti-abortion group. they have put up signs around my town and also have done the "stand by the road and shout at drivers" routine as well.

now let me explain where i stand on the issues. i consider myself pro-choice, but with some clarifications. abortion should not be used as a means of birth control. abortion should only be an option given to mothers that are in an imminent life-threatening situation due to pregnancy complications. finally, abortion should be given as an option to women who become pregnant because of rape or incest. those are my personal feelings on the subject, and i know as i grow older and wiser, those feelings may or may not change. but for now, that's where i stand. i hope that i am never in a situation where i have to actually make that choice for myself. but i certainly do not believe abortion is an option where "oops! i done got myself preggers!" occurs. if someone chooses to become sexually active, he/she should understand the consequences. (along that topic, i am also for teaching abstinence AND safe-sex to teenagers...give them options, and since people will do what they want, make sure that they know they can do what they want safely, be it no sex or safe sex.)

as a future doctor i think it's very important to really sit down with myself and figure out where i stand on things. i know my personal feelings, but at the same time, i need to make sure that i respect the pro-life, pro-choice feelings of others. especially since at the moment i want to go into pediatric medical genetics, there will definitely be instances of prenatal counseling going on, so therefore i know i will be faced with these issues. if a patient chooses to go the abortion route, i will need to be comfortable with referring them to a place that will do it safely, even if i don't agree with their choice.

but back to the abortion protest signs. while i respect the right for people to protest and the right of free speech, i detest those people that are UNEDUCATED in their arguments. there were signs out there of blatant racism which were disgusting to me as well. also, there were a number of photos that i believe were stillbirths, and those are a totally different category. i could go on and on. alas. also, i don't believe that screaming at people while marching up and down the side of the road is an effective way to get others to change their minds. i know it wouldn't effect me, it would only make me hate you as a person more! and get your facts straight! no educated person would change their minds because a person with a misspelled sign of false statements screaming nonsense is parading around!

so while it pained me to see those signs on the way to school this morning, at least it made me think about my own opinions on the subject. i hope this post wasn't too offensive; i hope my readers understand that while i have my own views, i strive to be receptive and open to other people's views, especially when they are in direct contrast to my own.

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