Friday, September 19, 2008

oh friday

today is a glorious friday. i'm currently chillaxin' on my couch. i plan to wash some dishes soon, and then head to local bookstore to study. that's the thing about being a med get kind of excited about afternoons of no class and weekends because you get a nice block of study time.

the last couple days of lectures have been so painfully boring, that i am even considering not going to class. and that is saying a lot, because i am all about going to some class. hopefully it will pick up again soon.

my goal for today is to read micro (we started the bacteria...finally) intro stuff out of the textbook and "med micro made easy", read the white blood cell section in robbin's for path, and then hit up some pharm peripheral nervous system nonsense. i'll be happy if i even accomplish one of those things.

but i think my immediate goal is a nap. woo!

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