Saturday, September 06, 2008

first test week coming up!

this weekend is full of that anxiety that all students can relate to: the weekend before that first BIG test, where you cram and cram and whatnot. however, instead of 1 test to look forward to, i have 5. one every day. aaak! at least there's no class this coming up week, just tests. and only 3 of them are going to be rather difficult...2 of them are at least not so bad. or so i say that now...haha.

yesterday i did some light cleaning to prepare my place for the "weekend of studying". my apartment is usually neat, with the occasional "clutter pile", but all my piles are at least neatly piled. however, my kitchen was like a hazard zone, and my bathrooms needed a bit of shining, so i decided to just make those areas look nice so i wouldn't obsess about it. my reward for getting through this week of tests will be HARD CORE scrubbing walls and tubs and all that kind of loveliness. if i decide to go ALL OUT, i will even go through my closets! and yeah, i'm actually excited about the prospect of hard core cleaning my place up...i guess it's a sign of growing up...haha.

ok, so now i'm going to go over some pharm flash cards. maybe i'm just a nerd, but i like learning all the's very practical information (obviously), but i'm glad to be learning something that can help me at this point in my normal life.

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