Tuesday, September 30, 2008

some housekeeping

a few days ago i got a comment that goes something like this:

I think your blog is terrific, and I would like to feature you on Wellsphere (http://www.wellsphere.com). Would you drop me an email?
Good health!
Geoffrey W. Rutledge, MD, PhD

turns out, i'm not super special. this is a stock comment this person (or robot, perhaps?) has put on multiple health related blogs. grrr! haha, oh well, doesn't bother me. i did some google searching and turns out it's kind of scam-ish...this person wants you to allow him/her to put your blog on his/her site for free. free as in "we won't pay you". i say screw that! there are claims of "increased traffic" to your site. well, not many folks read my little bloggy, and it doesn't really bother me. this blog is for my sanity, first and foremost, not to gain notariety and internet prestige. so to borrow some words from sarah palin, "thanks but no thanks!"

i will say that the comment roused some fears in my brain, so i've updated/made more visible some copyright statements and HIPAA stuffs on the right hand side of the blog. technically, you don't have to claim copyright on stuff that is your personal thoughts because it's already implied...BUT i just wanted to cover my bases. you know how that goes. if anyone sees content from my blog anywhere else on the interwebz without an obvious "this came from frylime's blog" statement, then it was stolen and that will make frylime very unhappy. i can very much unleash my half asian "angry asian" qualities...don't make me do it! (a side note: the laid back white half of me keeps the angry asian half at bay...haha.)

in school news, i have finally finished creating my adrenergic and cholinergic pharm flash cards. now i got to start working on GI and asthma drug cards, and then also some micro cards as well. and after creating them, i've actually got to start USING them! haha, so much work! the next few weeks before the next test block will be very busy. a snapshot of what i'm learning at the moment:
  • path - red and white blood cell disorders (ex: anemias, leukemias, etc)
  • pharm - PNS (peripheral nervous system), GI stuff, asthma
  • micro - intro to bugs! i think we're starting bug types this week...
  • genetics - had a lipid lecture
  • ICM - lots of ophtho...lots of yucky eyeballs. i HATE watching eyeball surgery! though yesterday i did learn how to wield an ophthalmoscope. woo!
have a great day folks! toodles!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

micro lab!

i've been growing bugs this week! i've never been in a micro lab before, and i must admit i am enjoying myself! i successfully streaked plates and isolated various colonies! i also gram stained!!! woo! i also swabbed in between my toes for an "environmental" plate and only grew ONE colony...one of my friends swabbed behind her boyfriend's ears and it grew some freaky stuff...so my toes are cleaner than his ears! hahaha...i found that humorous. my toe colony grew gram-positive cocci, nothing marvelous. my lab prof said that he knew it wasn't strep, so that was comforting.

other than that, study study study!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

motorcycle accident

this weekend i made my first 911 call.

H and i were driving down the interstate. (well, he was driving, i was sitting shotgun.) H saw in the rearview mirror some motorcyclists driving up on the left hand lane really fast (at least faster than the speed limit and the traffic surrounding them). he says something like "what is he doing", and i turn around to look and watch a motorcycle and its rider do a barrel roll into the median. the guy was wearing a helmet, and the actual "crash" was on grass, but he was only wearing a t-shirt and jeans and had to have been going at least 75 mph.

H pulled over to the side of the road and i pulled out my cell phone. i dialed 911, and at first it just rang and rang and rang with nobody answering. i hung up, dialed 911 again, and within 2 rings someone picked up. i said "i just witnessed a motocycle accident" and with H's help i gave all the necessary info for emergency folks to come in and do their thing. we stayed on the shoulder until we saw blue flashing lights, and then went our way. hopefully the guy will have suffered minimal damage, but i'm not likely going to forget that crash for a while. the wreck also occurred near the "hospital district" in my town, so hopefully it was a quick transfer as well.

the rest of the day we just kept seeing motorcyclists, some joy riding, some driving like bats out of hell. i know for a fact that i will not be getting a motorcycle anytime soon...

Friday, September 19, 2008

oh friday

today is a glorious friday. i'm currently chillaxin' on my couch. i plan to wash some dishes soon, and then head to local bookstore to study. that's the thing about being a med student...you get kind of excited about afternoons of no class and weekends because you get a nice block of study time.

the last couple days of lectures have been so painfully boring, that i am even considering not going to class. and that is saying a lot, because i am all about going to some class. hopefully it will pick up again soon.

my goal for today is to read micro (we started the bacteria...finally) intro stuff out of the textbook and "med micro made easy", read the white blood cell section in robbin's for path, and then hit up some pharm peripheral nervous system nonsense. i'll be happy if i even accomplish one of those things.

but i think my immediate goal is a nap. woo!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

flash cards, the beginning

so i've managed to finish writing up ~40 flash cards for the anti-cholinergic drugs. the unlined side says the drug name, and the lined side says the class, the receptors targeted, the therapy, and other comments the professor deemed important. for the next 2 weeks in pharm, we have "independent study". the prof said "don't read the book, read and learn what i give you", which will be interesting. i'm just glad i finished my first set of note cards. i'm wondering if each "broad class" should have a different color ink, or if i should be crazy and do them all in my trusty black ink pilot pen. (just for the record, my FAVORITE PENS EVER are the pilot precise V5 extra fine black pens. i love them in all colors, but my preferred pen is the black ink one. next would be green, then blue, then purple, then red. red is the hardest to read, especially on yellow legal pad paper, in my opinion. and they have to be extra fine tip. don't try to fool me with any other pen tip except for the extra fine. i will not be happy.)

today i also red the section in robbin's concerning the "red blood cell diseases". it was an interesting section, and i felt that i really understood it. the lecturer for the segment did a great job, and so my reading went very well.

all my test grades are NOT BACK YET. i am angered!

oh, also, i finally joined the technology bandwagon and got text messaging capacity on my cell phone. i'm 23 and just got text. oh me oh my! (i only got voicemail my senior year of college because my friends were angry with me.) i got text added today because i was tired of my friends getting angry at me still, and also tired of having to borrow other people's cell phones to text people. also also i was tired of getting texts from other people that i couldn't answer immediately due to being in a situation where jabbering on the cell phone would be highly frowned upon. and then there's the people who got mad at me for calling them back after they texted me. in addition, there are certain times when a one or two word text is all you need to say, and rather waste your minutes (or their minutes) explaining something, a simple text would have been sufficient. for example:

friend: (texts) want to do lunch later



the scenario could have been:

friend: (texts) want to do lunch later

me: (texts) sure. secret location at noon.


yeah, i'm so glad i got text messaging. and thank goodness for flashcards!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

recuperating weekend

since being done with tests on friday, i have had a good relaxing weekend. friday i went out with some friends and "unwinded", and then yesterday H and i went to a local state park and rode bikes around. i have to say, biking up them hills really kicked my butt! but it was a fun afternoon activity, even if it did smell faintly of fried chicken...here is a view from the "overlook" tower:

i know, a little bit "generic", but i thought it was pretty! later that evening we dined out with some of my friends at a thai restaurant and it was delicious.

today is my day of cleaning! which i am terribly excited to do, which i guess is kind of sad...haha. it looks like it's going to be a rainy day, which is a perfect type of day to just get some work done in my opinion. i'm also going to print out some pictures and actually hang them on WALLS. (my friends that come over always comment on the bare quality of my walls...i think i have a fear of putting nails on them or something.)

as far as school is concerned, for this next block i'm going to turn into the flashcard diva. grades are still coming back from the tests, but i feel like i need to modify my study habits. it's a totally different style of studying when the tests are 2 weeks apart versus 6 weeks apart. and during the test week, you know you're not going to study every day for every test...you're going to "cram" the material the day before the test. so i feel like making flashcards and studying them throughout the 5 weeks of study material will help that last minute studying more efficient, instead of wading through pages of notes and powerpoints, etc.

oh, also today i am going to be baking GOODIES, specifically CUPCAKE YUM YUMS, for the M1 class tomorrow. tomorrow is their first gross anatomy exam, which is a grueling 4 hour affair. (ha, i should know, i went through it TWICE!) it's tradition at my school for the M2s to provide snacks and whatnot for the M1s during the test break of the first test. (they split the class in half for the written and practical portions of the test, and then they swap in the middle.) i'm thinking that i will do a batch of banana and a batch of plain vanilla of my super delicious vegan cupcakes. i'm also thinking that i will experiment with the frosting to try and get a "swirled" affect. i may post pictures of those on my cooking blog...woo!

also, this week is PAPER WRITING week. omg, i need to finish my paper!!! i applied to this med student research thingy at my school to try and get funding for my project and all its adventures. i hope i get it because the money would be greatly appreciated, plus the whole recognition on my diploma thing would be quite nice as well.

ok, time to scrounge up breakfast and CLEAN!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

ugh, tests

i have a major headache...

blah tooth filling (supposedly i am to feel tooth sensitivity for up to 2 weeks) and blah eye strain.

yesterday i had my intro to clinical medicine exam...it was ok. i felt some of the questions were below the belt, so to speak, but still doable. when i say below belt, i mean that i was able to answer the questions because of knowledge not gained in that particular class...

today was my pathology test. it covered cell injury and inflammation, cell repair, immunopath diseases, neoplasia, and some lab technique things. 100 questions in 2 hours time. nothing was too difficult...there were definitely a few sections where i was like "hmmm, should have read that a little bit more", but only 1 or 2 questions were on topics that i had absolutely no idea about.

so far, i feel like i've passed both tests. (ha, my goal for this first round was just to pass everything...didn't want to start the bar TOO high.)

pharm is tomorrow...wish me lucks on that one! i still have a bunch of drugs to muck through, blah.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

first test week coming up!

this weekend is full of that anxiety that all students can relate to: the weekend before that first BIG test, where you cram and cram and whatnot. however, instead of 1 test to look forward to, i have 5. one every day. aaak! at least there's no class this coming up week, just tests. and only 3 of them are going to be rather difficult...2 of them are at least not so bad. or so i say that now...haha.

yesterday i did some light cleaning to prepare my place for the "weekend of studying". my apartment is usually neat, with the occasional "clutter pile", but all my piles are at least neatly piled. however, my kitchen was like a hazard zone, and my bathrooms needed a bit of shining, so i decided to just make those areas look nice so i wouldn't obsess about it. my reward for getting through this week of tests will be HARD CORE cleaning...like scrubbing walls and tubs and all that kind of loveliness. if i decide to go ALL OUT, i will even go through my closets! and yeah, i'm actually excited about the prospect of hard core cleaning my place up...i guess it's a sign of growing up...haha.

ok, so now i'm going to go over some pharm flash cards. maybe i'm just a nerd, but i like learning all the drugs...it's very practical information (obviously), but i'm glad to be learning something that can help me at this point in my normal life.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

cavities filled!

i am now the not so proud owner of 2 fillings for some cavities on my upper right side.

i also have local anesthetic-induced central 7 syndrome. blah!

can't really tightly close my right eye, can't flare my right nostril, and forget about making a smile or frown! aak!

pro-life, pro-choice issues

today on the way to school i passed by a few signs set up by a religious pro-life very anti-abortion group. they have put up signs around my town and also have done the "stand by the road and shout at drivers" routine as well.

now let me explain where i stand on the issues. i consider myself pro-choice, but with some clarifications. abortion should not be used as a means of birth control. abortion should only be an option given to mothers that are in an imminent life-threatening situation due to pregnancy complications. finally, abortion should be given as an option to women who become pregnant because of rape or incest. those are my personal feelings on the subject, and i know as i grow older and wiser, those feelings may or may not change. but for now, that's where i stand. i hope that i am never in a situation where i have to actually make that choice for myself. but i certainly do not believe abortion is an option where "oops! i done got myself preggers!" occurs. if someone chooses to become sexually active, he/she should understand the consequences. (along that topic, i am also for teaching abstinence AND safe-sex to teenagers...give them options, and since people will do what they want, make sure that they know they can do what they want safely, be it no sex or safe sex.)

as a future doctor i think it's very important to really sit down with myself and figure out where i stand on things. i know my personal feelings, but at the same time, i need to make sure that i respect the pro-life, pro-choice feelings of others. especially since at the moment i want to go into pediatric medical genetics, there will definitely be instances of prenatal counseling going on, so therefore i know i will be faced with these issues. if a patient chooses to go the abortion route, i will need to be comfortable with referring them to a place that will do it safely, even if i don't agree with their choice.

but back to the abortion protest signs. while i respect the right for people to protest and the right of free speech, i detest those people that are UNEDUCATED in their arguments. there were signs out there of blatant racism which were disgusting to me as well. also, there were a number of photos that i believe were stillbirths, and those are a totally different category. i could go on and on. alas. also, i don't believe that screaming at people while marching up and down the side of the road is an effective way to get others to change their minds. i know it wouldn't effect me, it would only make me hate you as a person more! and get your facts straight! no educated person would change their minds because a person with a misspelled sign of false statements screaming nonsense is parading around!

so while it pained me to see those signs on the way to school this morning, at least it made me think about my own opinions on the subject. i hope this post wasn't too offensive; i hope my readers understand that while i have my own views, i strive to be receptive and open to other people's views, especially when they are in direct contrast to my own.

Monday, September 01, 2008

it's labor day!

so i'm just sitting around this labor day reading my pharm book about NSAIDs, watching gustav coverage, and cruising the web. today has been CRAZY as far as internetting is concerned...

but first thing's first...for lunch today i ate a slow cooked pork loin and kimchee sandwich. YUM. i mean, pork and kimchee go really well together on some toasted bread. yum oh yum!

secondly, i'm glad that gustav landed further west than it was originally slated to land. there's still going to be damage, but maybe not as devastating. i'm glad all the governments down there learned their lessons from katrina. hopefully things will stay ok.

thirdly...too much baby drama! first there's the rumors that palin's fifth baby is really her first grandbaby, and now there's the confirmed pregnancy of her daughter! i just feel so bad for bristol. she has made mistakes (and we all make mistakes), but it is just so unfortunate that her mistake gets to be broadcasted all over the world. i just hope for her sake that she really does want to marry the baby's father, and that the marriage is just not for show. she's only 17! i can't imagine being in her situation, and i'm 23! i hope that the obama camp doesn't take that and run with it...i hope they take the high road and don't play the dirty politics game. even though i want obama to win this year, i don't want any playing dirty. (blah, i know politics is a dirty game by nature, but maybe everyone could stay mostly above the belt?) mccain started out semi-decently, but i think he's made some bad choices as of late...too bad for him.

back to the studying...i got to learn a bazillion drugs. our first round of tests starts a week from today, and it's going to be crazy!