Sunday, August 10, 2008

weekend musings...

so what have i done this weekend?

well, friday night was our M1/M2 buddy party at the local bar of fun, and the party was definitely fun. so much better than last year's party, and i think that is mostly due to the fact that i KNOW people now. my class has gotten more comfortable around each other, i guess that sort of thing happens after a year off being in the same auditorium. it was cute to see the M1s all bundled off in their little groups, only venturing out after they had a drink or two in their systems. they start class officially tomorrow, and i wish them all luck! (figuratively...i don't know who reads this blog...hahaha.)

yesterday i did some work on my paper (yes, still working on that) and some micro studying. well, technically it's immunology at the moment, and it's kicking my butt! micro is definitely going to be my "tough class" this year, or it is at the present. i feel like i understand path and pharm pretty well, and ICM we're learning the "language" of doctor-speak which i feel like i've already got a good handle on (due to all the blogs i've been reading and working in the hospital this summer). last night i stayed up late to watch some live olympic coverage of sailing...the internet is COOL.

today i plan to write more on my paper, study more micro and read some ICM and everything else...maybe i'll go grocery shopping too...

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