Sunday, August 03, 2008

tomorrow's the big day...

tomorrow is our orientation. today i woke up at 8 and am now just laying on my couch. seems like a nice way to start the last day of my last summer vacation ever.

i haven't gotten all my books in...i think the rest are coming tomorrow or tuesday.

i'm trying to decide what i should do today. my priority list consists of:
  • cleaning my kitchen
  • getting breakfast
  • grocery shopping
  • folding clothes
it also wouldn't hurt to take the recycling to the recycling drop off. also, it would be nice to go to the gym today. i also wanted to make some loaves of dinner musings for tonight include some sort of grilled fish and veggies and bread. that's all i can think about since getting my grill pan.

so i guess my last day isn't going to be so relaxing after all...

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