Wednesday, August 06, 2008

second day of class and anger towards my teeth...

mucho things happened today...

in ICM we learned how to take a history. woo!

in micro we learned about B cells and T cells and how they are crazy fighters of evil things...

and finally, we had pathology! today was a bit of introduction to sick organs, so we just saw tons of pictures of necrotic tissue and that was kind of gross. made me rethink my interest in pathology. i had some friends who were like COOL PICTURES OMG OMG but the whole time i'm thinking EEEEW DISGUSTING GO AWAY. so maybe peds it is! however, i think learning ABOUT pathology is going to be really cool, and i actually can't wait to delve into my reading for tonight.

in some SAD news today i went to the dentist. now for some background info, i LOVE going to the dentist because i have been told numerous times that i have perfect teeth even though i haven't ever had braces. well, today i was told that i have 2 cavities! i am so sad! i haven't had any cavities in my adult teeth until now. they are in my molar region in between the teeth, so it's not like some obvious hole or anything. nor have i experienced any sort of pains while eating or drinking. i was instructed to start flossing with flouride-infused floss. but man, i am bummed! i have to go back in 3 weeks to get the cavities fixed, and i am happy that i am fortunate enough to have dental insurance, but it's still going to be some money that i don't want to pay. alas.

so in my depressed state after the dentist, i went to the local department store to just look at shoes. well, somebody was looking out for me because they were have a 40% off sale on shoes already percented off! and they had BORN SHOES! those shoes are incredibly comfortable, still cute, and are definitely stand on your feet all day friendly. so i got 2 pairs for $50...had i gotten them on regular price i would have paid an extra $ i feel like i got an incredible deal. and these are shoes that i will wear for a long time, so that made me a bit happy.

i'm still sad about the cavities though. they are going to put NEEDLES IN MY MOUTH. I WILL HAVE A THICK SLOBBERY TONGUE. i am not happy. shots in mouth...that makes me really freaked out. it's up there with getting needles in the eyeballs. it really freaks me out.

ok time to read so i don't obsess...aak!

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