Monday, August 04, 2008

orientation came and went...blah

orientation this morning was alright, but i must say the most productive thing i did was get my badge switched over to being a "student" and then go eat lunch at the vietnamese place by myself. i suppose in a bit i should be productive again and do some kitchen cleaning and gymming...but i think i should nap a bit first! and later this afternoon i'm going to meet up with my M1 buddy, so that should be fun. and then for dinner i'm thinking about cooking something delicious, but it just hasn't come to me yet...

it was good to see everyone, but i must admit that i wish i could have seen everybody else in smaller chunks. throwing everyone together in a big room is a bit overwhelming when you've only seen a few folks over the summer.

classes start tomorrow at 8am...should be fun times.

also, a good bit of STEP 1 talk was had at orientation. i'm going to try my best to study like 1-3 hours a week for it (like the admin. recommended) until january, and then in january start kicking it up a few notches. that's my goal for this year: to seriously kick the STEP's booty!

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