Friday, August 01, 2008

it's like little bits of candy...

i've been slowly accumulating my textbooks and other support books for M2 year. it's so exciting to have the UPS guy bring me a box...i open them up immediately and then open up the books and just smell them. haha...i know, weird, but i love new book smells.

yesterday i got my robbin's pathology book and i can already tell that i'm going to love it. yay! i'll publish my book list once i get everything in.

also, today one of my good friends is coming through town and i'm going to make her some cupcakes! or maybe muffins, i haven't decided. well, the exciting thing about all that though is not only do i get to share her company, i get to experiment with making GLUTEN-FREE comestibles! (she has celiac's disease.) i've never baked with non-"normal" flour, so this is going to be fun.

also also, i've been stricken with a sinus congestiony coughing till i dry heave sickness for the past 3 weeks, and since i found out yesterday i'm not a candidate for antibiotics, i'm going to still be stricken with sinus congestionay coughing till i dry heave sickness for probably the REST OF MY LIFE. i want to do my part in not enabling the bacterias to become resistant to antibiotics, but damn, i wish there was some antiviral stuff that worked! i guess i'll have to wait until like 2050 or something for that.

M2 year countdown: rest of today, saturday, and sunday


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jimgrandad said...

First, congrats on your new M2-ness status.
Next, how did you find out yesterday you're not a candidate for antibiotics?
Lastly... I want to talk to you later about celiac disease.