Friday, August 29, 2008

i need to update...

hey peoples...

today i'm going to my first "friday at the bedside" to learn how to listen to heart sounds. i'm excited! i'm also still in the midst of writing my paper and applying to a research program within my school to help me fund the trip to the conference i'm going to. the peds interest group is also on a great start for a productive year, and that makes me really happy.

and just a snapshot of what i'm learning:
  • pathology: neoplasias (basically the benign and malignant cancers)
  • microbiology: immune responses (like allergic reactions, etc)
  • ICM: history taking
  • pharmacology: started learning drugs, like steroids, NSAIDs, etc...
it's a lot of stuff. i'm going to be studying quite a bit this labor day weekend.

also, keep your fingers crossed that Gustav doesn't wreak too much havoc for the gulf coast!

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