Friday, August 22, 2008

good news!

my abstract got accepted for a poster presentation at the conference i wanted to go to! yay! i'm excited!

this past week at school has been a good one. had lots of interesting class topics including anaphylaxis, tetanus, HIV/AIDS, etc. we also had some patients come in and discuss living with HIV/AIDS, and it was such a compelling class. i've never knowingly known someone living with AIDS, so it was very good for me to hear what those people had to say. one patient's advice to us was "always care for your patients", and while that's a good thing to hear, it's not the best "real" advice in my opinion because as doctors, you are supposed to always care for your patients. however, the other person said "if you're not comfortable with the patient for whatever reason, please take the higher road and refer them to someone else". now THAT to me was the better advice...we don't really hear that kind of stuff too often. even though it is horrible for a doctor to say something like "you're this way, and i don't like that way so i don't like you", if that doctor chooses to be in that mindset, the least he/she can do is refer the patient to someone who is more accepting.

hope all that made sense...

tonight is our big school's "back to school party"...i hope it's going to be some fun times!