Tuesday, August 05, 2008

first day of class...

today was the first official day back...we had class from 8 to 3 with a one hour break for lunch. so far we've had intro to clinical medicine, genetics, pharmacology, and microbiology. tomorrow we will break into pathology. and for the next few weeks, it will just be some sort of combination of those courses.

ICM (intro to clinical med) should prove itself to be interesting. we're going to learn how to do an H&P, or history and physical. for that class i need to get a stethoscope...and i am absolutely clueless as to which one to get. some people have told me to get a littman III, but alas, i am still clueless. any recommendations will certainly be most welcome...

genetics is something that i love! today we talked about bayesian analysis, basically how to calculate the risk of passing something on. all number crunching. i LOVE numbers!

pharmacology is a huge heavy hitter as far as drugs are concerned. today we started out nice and easy with pharmacokinetics. there was lots of graph drawing involved. the professor for this section has a really cool UK accent, is really enthusiastic, and is old school, as in he writes his notes on the chalkboard. and he uses yellow chalk on the green chalkboard, and that is something i really like. (it's all in the little things people, all in the little things.)

micro has taken off to a slow start, but i think it's because it was mostly histology review. hopefully it will get better, or this is going to be a painful class!

so overall, it's been a good day. i went to the gym after school and i've already printed a lot of stuff off that i need and organized it into folders. tonight will be spent reading over today's notes and lecture ppts and getting into some of the textbook reading assignments from today. (last year i found it was kind of hard for me to read ahead and really comprehend what i was reading...i understood things better after hearing it first in class and then reading after the fact.) i'll see if that approach works, and if not, i can always switch it out. my main goal is to just not get behind. since our tests are 6 weeks apart, i don't want to get into that mindset of "oh i can put off studying" because that would be so disastrous!

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Rucio, Wannabe MD said...

Definitely Littman Cardio III. Good luck w/ the start of your year...my M2-ness starts this coming Monday.