Friday, August 29, 2008

i need to update...

hey peoples...

today i'm going to my first "friday at the bedside" to learn how to listen to heart sounds. i'm excited! i'm also still in the midst of writing my paper and applying to a research program within my school to help me fund the trip to the conference i'm going to. the peds interest group is also on a great start for a productive year, and that makes me really happy.

and just a snapshot of what i'm learning:
  • pathology: neoplasias (basically the benign and malignant cancers)
  • microbiology: immune responses (like allergic reactions, etc)
  • ICM: history taking
  • pharmacology: started learning drugs, like steroids, NSAIDs, etc...
it's a lot of stuff. i'm going to be studying quite a bit this labor day weekend.

also, keep your fingers crossed that Gustav doesn't wreak too much havoc for the gulf coast!

Friday, August 22, 2008

good news!

my abstract got accepted for a poster presentation at the conference i wanted to go to! yay! i'm excited!

this past week at school has been a good one. had lots of interesting class topics including anaphylaxis, tetanus, HIV/AIDS, etc. we also had some patients come in and discuss living with HIV/AIDS, and it was such a compelling class. i've never knowingly known someone living with AIDS, so it was very good for me to hear what those people had to say. one patient's advice to us was "always care for your patients", and while that's a good thing to hear, it's not the best "real" advice in my opinion because as doctors, you are supposed to always care for your patients. however, the other person said "if you're not comfortable with the patient for whatever reason, please take the higher road and refer them to someone else". now THAT to me was the better advice...we don't really hear that kind of stuff too often. even though it is horrible for a doctor to say something like "you're this way, and i don't like that way so i don't like you", if that doctor chooses to be in that mindset, the least he/she can do is refer the patient to someone who is more accepting.

hope all that made sense...

tonight is our big school's "back to school party"...i hope it's going to be some fun times!

Friday, August 15, 2008


haha, that's kind of what reading micro felt like for the first time...

i can say that i understand it a bit better now! and it's cool stuff, like cells battling it out and eating each other and whatnot. die evil die!

also, i recently ordered my very first stethoscope! littman cardio III in hunter green, and i got my name engraved on it as well. ANOTHER STEP CLOSER TO DOCTOR-HOOD. i can't wait till it gets in...i'm super excited.

also also, i'm president of the peds interest group this year, and my VP and i are really pumped up about a good year for "PIG". my main goal is to have good informative meetings (once a month with a free lunch associated) and to make a good t-shirt for the group. i figure with those 2, we can't go wrong!

lastly, i made blueberry pancakes for breakfast and they were freaking awesome.

that is all!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

weekend musings...

so what have i done this weekend?

well, friday night was our M1/M2 buddy party at the local bar of fun, and the party was definitely fun. so much better than last year's party, and i think that is mostly due to the fact that i KNOW people now. my class has gotten more comfortable around each other, i guess that sort of thing happens after a year off being in the same auditorium. it was cute to see the M1s all bundled off in their little groups, only venturing out after they had a drink or two in their systems. they start class officially tomorrow, and i wish them all luck! (figuratively...i don't know who reads this blog...hahaha.)

yesterday i did some work on my paper (yes, still working on that) and some micro studying. well, technically it's immunology at the moment, and it's kicking my butt! micro is definitely going to be my "tough class" this year, or it is at the present. i feel like i understand path and pharm pretty well, and ICM we're learning the "language" of doctor-speak which i feel like i've already got a good handle on (due to all the blogs i've been reading and working in the hospital this summer). last night i stayed up late to watch some live olympic coverage of sailing...the internet is COOL.

today i plan to write more on my paper, study more micro and read some ICM and everything else...maybe i'll go grocery shopping too...

Friday, August 08, 2008


the healthcare100 link on the right side of my blog says that i am ranked #666 at the moment...

i'm scared!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

second day of class and anger towards my teeth...

mucho things happened today...

in ICM we learned how to take a history. woo!

in micro we learned about B cells and T cells and how they are crazy fighters of evil things...

and finally, we had pathology! today was a bit of introduction to sick organs, so we just saw tons of pictures of necrotic tissue and that was kind of gross. made me rethink my interest in pathology. i had some friends who were like COOL PICTURES OMG OMG but the whole time i'm thinking EEEEW DISGUSTING GO AWAY. so maybe peds it is! however, i think learning ABOUT pathology is going to be really cool, and i actually can't wait to delve into my reading for tonight.

in some SAD news today i went to the dentist. now for some background info, i LOVE going to the dentist because i have been told numerous times that i have perfect teeth even though i haven't ever had braces. well, today i was told that i have 2 cavities! i am so sad! i haven't had any cavities in my adult teeth until now. they are in my molar region in between the teeth, so it's not like some obvious hole or anything. nor have i experienced any sort of pains while eating or drinking. i was instructed to start flossing with flouride-infused floss. but man, i am bummed! i have to go back in 3 weeks to get the cavities fixed, and i am happy that i am fortunate enough to have dental insurance, but it's still going to be some money that i don't want to pay. alas.

so in my depressed state after the dentist, i went to the local department store to just look at shoes. well, somebody was looking out for me because they were have a 40% off sale on shoes already percented off! and they had BORN SHOES! those shoes are incredibly comfortable, still cute, and are definitely stand on your feet all day friendly. so i got 2 pairs for $50...had i gotten them on regular price i would have paid an extra $ i feel like i got an incredible deal. and these are shoes that i will wear for a long time, so that made me a bit happy.

i'm still sad about the cavities though. they are going to put NEEDLES IN MY MOUTH. I WILL HAVE A THICK SLOBBERY TONGUE. i am not happy. shots in mouth...that makes me really freaked out. it's up there with getting needles in the eyeballs. it really freaks me out.

ok time to read so i don't obsess...aak!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

first day of class...

today was the first official day back...we had class from 8 to 3 with a one hour break for lunch. so far we've had intro to clinical medicine, genetics, pharmacology, and microbiology. tomorrow we will break into pathology. and for the next few weeks, it will just be some sort of combination of those courses.

ICM (intro to clinical med) should prove itself to be interesting. we're going to learn how to do an H&P, or history and physical. for that class i need to get a stethoscope...and i am absolutely clueless as to which one to get. some people have told me to get a littman III, but alas, i am still clueless. any recommendations will certainly be most welcome...

genetics is something that i love! today we talked about bayesian analysis, basically how to calculate the risk of passing something on. all number crunching. i LOVE numbers!

pharmacology is a huge heavy hitter as far as drugs are concerned. today we started out nice and easy with pharmacokinetics. there was lots of graph drawing involved. the professor for this section has a really cool UK accent, is really enthusiastic, and is old school, as in he writes his notes on the chalkboard. and he uses yellow chalk on the green chalkboard, and that is something i really like. (it's all in the little things people, all in the little things.)

micro has taken off to a slow start, but i think it's because it was mostly histology review. hopefully it will get better, or this is going to be a painful class!

so overall, it's been a good day. i went to the gym after school and i've already printed a lot of stuff off that i need and organized it into folders. tonight will be spent reading over today's notes and lecture ppts and getting into some of the textbook reading assignments from today. (last year i found it was kind of hard for me to read ahead and really comprehend what i was reading...i understood things better after hearing it first in class and then reading after the fact.) i'll see if that approach works, and if not, i can always switch it out. my main goal is to just not get behind. since our tests are 6 weeks apart, i don't want to get into that mindset of "oh i can put off studying" because that would be so disastrous!

Monday, August 04, 2008

orientation came and went...blah

orientation this morning was alright, but i must say the most productive thing i did was get my badge switched over to being a "student" and then go eat lunch at the vietnamese place by myself. i suppose in a bit i should be productive again and do some kitchen cleaning and gymming...but i think i should nap a bit first! and later this afternoon i'm going to meet up with my M1 buddy, so that should be fun. and then for dinner i'm thinking about cooking something delicious, but it just hasn't come to me yet...

it was good to see everyone, but i must admit that i wish i could have seen everybody else in smaller chunks. throwing everyone together in a big room is a bit overwhelming when you've only seen a few folks over the summer.

classes start tomorrow at 8am...should be fun times.

also, a good bit of STEP 1 talk was had at orientation. i'm going to try my best to study like 1-3 hours a week for it (like the admin. recommended) until january, and then in january start kicking it up a few notches. that's my goal for this year: to seriously kick the STEP's booty!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

tomorrow's the big day...

tomorrow is our orientation. today i woke up at 8 and am now just laying on my couch. seems like a nice way to start the last day of my last summer vacation ever.

i haven't gotten all my books in...i think the rest are coming tomorrow or tuesday.

i'm trying to decide what i should do today. my priority list consists of:
  • cleaning my kitchen
  • getting breakfast
  • grocery shopping
  • folding clothes
it also wouldn't hurt to take the recycling to the recycling drop off. also, it would be nice to go to the gym today. i also wanted to make some loaves of dinner musings for tonight include some sort of grilled fish and veggies and bread. that's all i can think about since getting my grill pan.

so i guess my last day isn't going to be so relaxing after all...

Friday, August 01, 2008

it's like little bits of candy...

i've been slowly accumulating my textbooks and other support books for M2 year. it's so exciting to have the UPS guy bring me a box...i open them up immediately and then open up the books and just smell them. haha...i know, weird, but i love new book smells.

yesterday i got my robbin's pathology book and i can already tell that i'm going to love it. yay! i'll publish my book list once i get everything in.

also, today one of my good friends is coming through town and i'm going to make her some cupcakes! or maybe muffins, i haven't decided. well, the exciting thing about all that though is not only do i get to share her company, i get to experiment with making GLUTEN-FREE comestibles! (she has celiac's disease.) i've never baked with non-"normal" flour, so this is going to be fun.

also also, i've been stricken with a sinus congestiony coughing till i dry heave sickness for the past 3 weeks, and since i found out yesterday i'm not a candidate for antibiotics, i'm going to still be stricken with sinus congestionay coughing till i dry heave sickness for probably the REST OF MY LIFE. i want to do my part in not enabling the bacterias to become resistant to antibiotics, but damn, i wish there was some antiviral stuff that worked! i guess i'll have to wait until like 2050 or something for that.

M2 year countdown: rest of today, saturday, and sunday