Thursday, July 24, 2008

ok, non medical post, but sort of...

for my clinic group this morning (and for my own breakfast consumption) i made these fabulous vegan oatmeal raisin almond muffins! (ha, shameless shout-out to mine and H's food blog!) so far i've had great comments from one of the 2nd year residents (who is super cool and hopefully i can rotate with her 3rd year), the genetic counselor, and the gc assistant. these are perfect and fiber-full to keep a hungry med student full until lunch, and they didn't take too long to make.

the cases i've seen lately have included tuberous sclerosis, 22q11 deletion, down syndrome, oro-facial-digital syndrome, etc etc...all interesting things. i am LOVING this summer! my doctor boss is AMAZING and the group i'm with is GREAT and this is totally something that i really feel like i'm going to do when i grow up...and that is a great feeling.

i've also been writing up my paper for the big wig medical journal. it's been tedious!

also, yesterday i went shopping for dresses appropriate for school/work and i ended up with 2 appropriate dresses and 1 FUN dress. all for good prices, and i have become a fan of this new dress store that just opened up.

i've emailed my M1 buddy and i hope she's getting excited about starting school. i know i'm REALLY excited about starting second year...this week i got my class schedule and my book list. since school starts august 4 i might need to get to getting on those books!

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jimgrandad said...

Hey... you're not in M1/M2 Limbo anymore... you are an M2! Congratulations!!!