Friday, June 13, 2008

yay first test!

good news...i made a B on my first test in this class and that really makes me want to get up and do a little dance.

also, my prof says "rut" instead of "root" and that is definitely weird to me.

i have this weird left elbow abrasion that i don't remember getting. i noticed it this morning, and i don't remember any trauma to the elbow during the evening or yesterday. maybe i hurt it while i was biking...or OOH I JUST THOUGHT IT. i went to the gym yesterday and did some weights on the machines there. specifically biceps and triceps...i do remember the arm rests being a bit worn out...i must have scratched my elbow on those things.

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jimgrandad said...

Congrats on that "B"! Will be thinking about you. I've known several folks who pronounced it "rut"... can't remember what area they were from, but not the south for sure!