Saturday, June 28, 2008

last weekend!

i am so happy that this is my last weekend here...only have the board exam left to do on monday. not bad. at this point i am so homesick for home, my friends, my BED, my kitchen, etc etc. and i know people have their own lives, but i just can't wait to be able to see's different just trying to call someone; sometimes they pick up, sometimes they don't, and when you finally get to talk to them, it's just not the same. it's almost like a letdown, because you crave their presence, you get a little taste, and it's just not good enough! alas. but on monday i'm going home, and i can't wait.

today i have a laundry list of things to do...first off, laundry, secondly, sweeping and cleaning, thirdly, cleaning out the fridge of things i know i can't eat between today and tomorrow. i would also like to pack up all my clothes and just lay out things that i'll wear tomorrow and monday. i really just want to be all packed and checked out of my room before the test monday so afterwards i can just get in my car and GO.

ok, laundry time. chao.

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