Thursday, June 19, 2008

i submitted my abstract!

after many days and hours freaking out about the abstract, i finally have it turned in to the genetics folks. hopefully after it is reviewed, my research doc and i will be giving a 15 minute spiel about our topic at the national conference in november! and if not talking, then it will be a poster presentation. (see, you have to be "chosen" to speak.)

i got so stressed about filling out the submission form online today...i really don't know what my problem is with regards to those types of things. maybe i just make myself so anxious to make myself get to work? well...i had a valid reason today...the CHARACTER LIMIT on the abstract plus accessory data (name, institution name, etc) was like some ridiculously small number, and after typing everything in, i was told that i was 74 characters over. aaarg! so since when i type i usually put 2 spaces after every period, i went and deleted a space after every period. i then deleted some flowery phrases and things in parentheses. yay! under the limit! then i happen to click on a box and it filled itself in! omg! turns out i had to fill out a certain box with my institution information and AARRRRG it made my character count shoot through the roof! so i had to REFIX my freaking character count. finally after much hair pulling and gnashing of teeth, i got it down to 3 characters BELOW the limit. i then submitted it and called it a day.

abtracts are so stressful. aak! i can't wait to really delve into my paper though. the project is really exciting and the material is so interesting to me and so pertinent to the "hot medical topics" of today.

i think one day soon i'll type up my thoughts about med school and summer class and everything. my recommendations, perhaps...

also, this article is stupid. stupid stupid stupid. whenever i have children, you better know that i'm going to make sure they get stuck with every type of vaccine i can get my hands on.


Anonymous said...

Man, those anti-vaccine people are on crack.

Anonymous said...

By the way, congrats on the abstract!

frylime said...

yes they are! thank you!