Tuesday, June 24, 2008

home stretch

this is the last week of my summer class, and i couldn't be any happier. (side note, the spell checker is saying that "couldn't" is not a word...did i miss a memo somewhere?) we got our test grade from monday back today and i passed again! woo! i'm 2 for 2...haha. our last test is monday, and it's the neuro national board exam. i'm currently at the local coffee shop with a yogi green tea reading a review book. i think i might miss this place just a little bit, just because when i walked in today the barista said "hot tea for the med student?". i am remembered...i'm a regular i guess you could say. that's what happens when you go somewhere everyday for a week straight.

today after class i took a 2 hour nap and then biked around campus and did some weights in my room. good times. i feel nice and sore and alive at the moment...oh yeah, and i ate a huge homewrecker burrito at moe's. it was like holding a small baby...it was so big! but i ate the whole thing and it was delicious.

all that said, i can't wait to go to bed in my OWN bed. my nice, no depression in the middle, queen sized bed. i haven't been able to get to sleep before midnight for the past couple of days and i think the only reason is because of the crappy mattress. the only solution so far is to crank down the air really low and freeze myself to sleep. somehow i don't think that is the ideal scenario.

ok, back to board studies. just wanted to say hello!

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