Friday, June 06, 2008


so one of my new friends here told me about this cool thing called googlewhack last night...

i must say that it is AMAZING!!! i googlewhacked for a while and today i finally have my own googlewhack!!! look for frylime on this list...oh yeah...i'm NUMBER ONE (for now at least)! woo claustrophobically oblongata! you're going to have to click it to enlarge it. so at least i have proof that i was number one in something...hahaha...

also, class got out around 10:45 today, and i biked back to my room. (i'm loving this biking around campus thing.) some of us are going to do yoga at 12:45, and then the rest of the afternoon will be devoted to studying. i think i'm going to hit up some mediterranean food for dinner, but we'll see about that.

today in class we studied congenital malformations of the brain. that stuff was pretty interesting. also, one of the professors is a pathologist, and he's going to show me around his department and introduce me to some people. i'm really excited about that. plus he's able to show us some really cool pictures, and on monday we're going to have a TRAUMA LAB. omg, i'm REALLY looking forward to that one!


update: i'm so glad i took a screen shot when i became the first googlewhack item, because i just checked it and now it's down to 18!!!

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