Sunday, June 08, 2008

aaah the horrors!

so i am spending my sunday evening in my quaint cinder-blocked dorm room studying and surfing the interwebz when all of a sudden i hear a faint grumbling in the distance. the sound continues to grow and get closer to my location. i start to panic...trembling, i peered through the blinds out the window and saw HUNDREDS OF SOCCER CAMP KIDS! aaaaaaaah! they were all marching and grumbling and bouncing their soccer balls towards their dorm, which fortunately, is NOT this one.

in other news, embryology as it refers to the neuro system is freakishly boring and confusing. sonic the hedgehog decides to mess around with bmp-4...or is it something different? who far i know that there's this tube, and then it closes and twists and if one end doesn't do something right you can get a no-brain defect which is BAD. ok, so i know more than that, but that's how i feel about it right now.

i want a massage. biking and doing yoga (specifically, trying to attempt the crow) has gotten myself quite sore. my left elbow is feeling funny today and my hamstrings are tight and no amount of stretching has alleviated my irritatedness...

tomorrow we have trauma neuro lab, and i'm very excited. i'll let you know how that goes. we also have case presentations to present. my partner and i are presenting...EPIDURAL HEMATOMA!!! woo wee! basically, if a patient arrives in your ER and you suspect an epidural hematoma, get an unenhanced CT scan STAT! that will show you what side of the head is hematoma-ed, but usually you'll already know because there will be some trauma to that side of the head, or the pupil of the eye on that side will be hugely dilated due to compression of the 3rd cranial nerve (that's oculomotor for you medicial newbies) by the temporal lobe. also, you got to be careful of the pressure building up in that cranium because too much pressure and BAM you're dead. so to fix that, you gotta bore a hole in the skull to get that stuff outta there! and be careful of the LUCID INTERVAL because these patients will be all cool beans and whatnot and then BLACK OUT on and die my friends, talk and die. these are sneaky things, these epidural hematomas...

the following picture illustrates an epidural hematoma, courtesy of

pretty, ain't it? and notice how all that clotted blood is on the OUTSIDE of the brain...and EPIdural hematoma is ON TOP OF the dura. don't confuse that with a SUBdural hematoma, which is under...don't you love prefixes?

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