Monday, June 30, 2008


i'm at home folks...couldn't be happier.

the neuro board this morning went by like a fun sudoku puzzle...hope that means i got a good grade!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

last weekend!

i am so happy that this is my last weekend here...only have the board exam left to do on monday. not bad. at this point i am so homesick for home, my friends, my BED, my kitchen, etc etc. and i know people have their own lives, but i just can't wait to be able to see's different just trying to call someone; sometimes they pick up, sometimes they don't, and when you finally get to talk to them, it's just not the same. it's almost like a letdown, because you crave their presence, you get a little taste, and it's just not good enough! alas. but on monday i'm going home, and i can't wait.

today i have a laundry list of things to do...first off, laundry, secondly, sweeping and cleaning, thirdly, cleaning out the fridge of things i know i can't eat between today and tomorrow. i would also like to pack up all my clothes and just lay out things that i'll wear tomorrow and monday. i really just want to be all packed and checked out of my room before the test monday so afterwards i can just get in my car and GO.

ok, laundry time. chao.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

home stretch

this is the last week of my summer class, and i couldn't be any happier. (side note, the spell checker is saying that "couldn't" is not a word...did i miss a memo somewhere?) we got our test grade from monday back today and i passed again! woo! i'm 2 for 2...haha. our last test is monday, and it's the neuro national board exam. i'm currently at the local coffee shop with a yogi green tea reading a review book. i think i might miss this place just a little bit, just because when i walked in today the barista said "hot tea for the med student?". i am remembered...i'm a regular i guess you could say. that's what happens when you go somewhere everyday for a week straight.

today after class i took a 2 hour nap and then biked around campus and did some weights in my room. good times. i feel nice and sore and alive at the moment...oh yeah, and i ate a huge homewrecker burrito at moe's. it was like holding a small was so big! but i ate the whole thing and it was delicious.

all that said, i can't wait to go to bed in my OWN bed. my nice, no depression in the middle, queen sized bed. i haven't been able to get to sleep before midnight for the past couple of days and i think the only reason is because of the crappy mattress. the only solution so far is to crank down the air really low and freeze myself to sleep. somehow i don't think that is the ideal scenario.

ok, back to board studies. just wanted to say hello!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

i submitted my abstract!

after many days and hours freaking out about the abstract, i finally have it turned in to the genetics folks. hopefully after it is reviewed, my research doc and i will be giving a 15 minute spiel about our topic at the national conference in november! and if not talking, then it will be a poster presentation. (see, you have to be "chosen" to speak.)

i got so stressed about filling out the submission form online today...i really don't know what my problem is with regards to those types of things. maybe i just make myself so anxious to make myself get to work? well...i had a valid reason today...the CHARACTER LIMIT on the abstract plus accessory data (name, institution name, etc) was like some ridiculously small number, and after typing everything in, i was told that i was 74 characters over. aaarg! so since when i type i usually put 2 spaces after every period, i went and deleted a space after every period. i then deleted some flowery phrases and things in parentheses. yay! under the limit! then i happen to click on a box and it filled itself in! omg! turns out i had to fill out a certain box with my institution information and AARRRRG it made my character count shoot through the roof! so i had to REFIX my freaking character count. finally after much hair pulling and gnashing of teeth, i got it down to 3 characters BELOW the limit. i then submitted it and called it a day.

abtracts are so stressful. aak! i can't wait to really delve into my paper though. the project is really exciting and the material is so interesting to me and so pertinent to the "hot medical topics" of today.

i think one day soon i'll type up my thoughts about med school and summer class and everything. my recommendations, perhaps...

also, this article is stupid. stupid stupid stupid. whenever i have children, you better know that i'm going to make sure they get stuck with every type of vaccine i can get my hands on.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

halfway point...

2 more weeks to go! i can't wait to get out of the dorm...ugh. there's nothing like a visit from someone from home to make you just really want to get back to normalcy. and seriously, these mockingbirds need to just disappear. aaaaaah!

today i made a ham and cheese grilled sandwich and promptly smoked out my dorm. alas. i just can't wait to cook normally again! i mean, i like the mini kitchen, but mini kitchen is starting to not do it for me...

i also found a new coffee shop that i think i'll frequent a lot in my remaining time here. med students are ALWAYS on the lookout for that perfect locale...the mix of slightly hip ambiance, free wifi, good coffee, and not loud people yapping on cell phones. this place has it all!

and just ponder this...deep fried hard-boiled eggs. i saw this recipe (if you can call it edible) in a cookbook this weekend and i wanted to gag.

Friday, June 13, 2008

yay first test!

good news...i made a B on my first test in this class and that really makes me want to get up and do a little dance.

also, my prof says "rut" instead of "root" and that is definitely weird to me.

i have this weird left elbow abrasion that i don't remember getting. i noticed it this morning, and i don't remember any trauma to the elbow during the evening or yesterday. maybe i hurt it while i was biking...or OOH I JUST THOUGHT IT. i went to the gym yesterday and did some weights on the machines there. specifically biceps and triceps...i do remember the arm rests being a bit worn out...i must have scratched my elbow on those things.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

oooh, free laundry!

that's one of the redeeming qualities of dorm life at this particular institution. that and my mini-kitchenette, but i don't want to get TOO excited here...

my first test is tomorrow, and as soon as i'm done laundering, i will go to a panera or another location with free interwebz to set up shop until said location is closed. i had a nice hard-core study session yesterday, and tonight will be good as well. the first test i am not really worried about, just because it's maybe 1/3 of the material for the first test in my school's neuro. yeah...kind of a big disparity there.

it's also raining cats and dogs out here...blah!

ok, laundry is finishing up, then class is going to a sports bar type place tomorrow after test and classes are over! yay!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

aaah the horrors!

so i am spending my sunday evening in my quaint cinder-blocked dorm room studying and surfing the interwebz when all of a sudden i hear a faint grumbling in the distance. the sound continues to grow and get closer to my location. i start to panic...trembling, i peered through the blinds out the window and saw HUNDREDS OF SOCCER CAMP KIDS! aaaaaaaah! they were all marching and grumbling and bouncing their soccer balls towards their dorm, which fortunately, is NOT this one.

in other news, embryology as it refers to the neuro system is freakishly boring and confusing. sonic the hedgehog decides to mess around with bmp-4...or is it something different? who far i know that there's this tube, and then it closes and twists and if one end doesn't do something right you can get a no-brain defect which is BAD. ok, so i know more than that, but that's how i feel about it right now.

i want a massage. biking and doing yoga (specifically, trying to attempt the crow) has gotten myself quite sore. my left elbow is feeling funny today and my hamstrings are tight and no amount of stretching has alleviated my irritatedness...

tomorrow we have trauma neuro lab, and i'm very excited. i'll let you know how that goes. we also have case presentations to present. my partner and i are presenting...EPIDURAL HEMATOMA!!! woo wee! basically, if a patient arrives in your ER and you suspect an epidural hematoma, get an unenhanced CT scan STAT! that will show you what side of the head is hematoma-ed, but usually you'll already know because there will be some trauma to that side of the head, or the pupil of the eye on that side will be hugely dilated due to compression of the 3rd cranial nerve (that's oculomotor for you medicial newbies) by the temporal lobe. also, you got to be careful of the pressure building up in that cranium because too much pressure and BAM you're dead. so to fix that, you gotta bore a hole in the skull to get that stuff outta there! and be careful of the LUCID INTERVAL because these patients will be all cool beans and whatnot and then BLACK OUT on and die my friends, talk and die. these are sneaky things, these epidural hematomas...

the following picture illustrates an epidural hematoma, courtesy of

pretty, ain't it? and notice how all that clotted blood is on the OUTSIDE of the brain...and EPIdural hematoma is ON TOP OF the dura. don't confuse that with a SUBdural hematoma, which is under...don't you love prefixes?

Friday, June 06, 2008


so one of my new friends here told me about this cool thing called googlewhack last night...

i must say that it is AMAZING!!! i googlewhacked for a while and today i finally have my own googlewhack!!! look for frylime on this list...oh yeah...i'm NUMBER ONE (for now at least)! woo claustrophobically oblongata! you're going to have to click it to enlarge it. so at least i have proof that i was number one in something...hahaha...

also, class got out around 10:45 today, and i biked back to my room. (i'm loving this biking around campus thing.) some of us are going to do yoga at 12:45, and then the rest of the afternoon will be devoted to studying. i think i'm going to hit up some mediterranean food for dinner, but we'll see about that.

today in class we studied congenital malformations of the brain. that stuff was pretty interesting. also, one of the professors is a pathologist, and he's going to show me around his department and introduce me to some people. i'm really excited about that. plus he's able to show us some really cool pictures, and on monday we're going to have a TRAUMA LAB. omg, i'm REALLY looking forward to that one!


update: i'm so glad i took a screen shot when i became the first googlewhack item, because i just checked it and now it's down to 18!!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

brains are stinky...

just wanted to let my faithful readers out there know that i am alive and doing well in my neuro class. we got a small group, but i knew a few people there already and have made a good new friend. the lectures and the labs so far are great, and it makes me wonder if my school couldn't adopt a new or "updated" teaching style. maybe i like it because since i've seen it before, i'm picking it up quickly, but at the same time, i like these people's teaching styles a bit better than some of the ones from home.

i'm living on campus at the moment, but i have a kitchenette so i can still cook yummy tonight i made some fabulous fried rice. it had cubed turkey breast (the turkey breast was cheaper than chicken breast!), baby bella mushrooms, onion, green bell pepper, and a whole slew of spices. i also got this chili garlic sauce from the asian grocery a while back and it was SO good. i also got gym access today and that is nice. i've also been biking to class, so hopefully my quads will get even more gorgeous by the end of the month!

so yeah, so far so good. my first test is a week from tomorrow, and i am aiming to do well on it. my classmates are all pretty cool, and the professors are nice, and the subject matter hasn't worn me out yet. i do miss my friends at home and H's cooking, but alas...this is my time to rectify my past error so i shouldn't complain too much...

so now i shall study some neuro blood supply...woo PICA!