Thursday, May 15, 2008


yay! done with M1 year! i know all my grades except for ONE (neuro) and i am most definitely crossing fingers on that one...yeah...i know...i'm quite neurotic still. neurotic for neuro...hee hee.

to celebrate, i am about to start cooking a FEAST! beef red curry with tomatoes, green beans, and rice served with a nice pinot noir...i LOVE cooking and i cannot wait to get started! first i have to clean up the kitchen from my pizza making adventure earlier this week...i might even try to make some more CUPCAKES!

next week since i have NO SCHOOL i will try and make a few trips to the school morgue to hang out with the pathologists. i've been meaning to go for a while is the time!

cooking time! woo! and then movie later...woo woo!


keepbreathing said...

Congratulations on the M1! That's a big achievement. You should be proud.

jimgrandad said...

YAAAAAY Emily!!! I'm very proud of you!

Freadom said...

I can't think of much I'd rather do than hang out in a morgue on my days off. Congrats. Enjoy.