Thursday, May 29, 2008

woo target

so i went to target yesterday to get dorm room supplies. interesting journey. i did not realize that it is the HARDEST THING EVER to find extra-long twin sheet sets IN A NORMAL COLOR. omg! i looked forever to finally find some beige-y sheets (only for $9.99, cotton/polyester blend). sorry, but i didn't want polka dots or lime green or "designer brand" for >$25. i'm going to miss my 300 count sateen cotton sheets, alas. it's only a month...haha. also, i found a shower curtain for $2.97...crazy! i guess it's technically a "liner", but still a curtain nonetheless.

i talked to a friend of mine who went to the school where i am going to take summer class and he said that a bike on campus would be phenomenal. so i am quite excited...i'm going to take my bike and all my workout gear. while i'm there i can keep up my exercise routine. class doesn't begin till 9:00 every day, so i'm hoping that i can do a workout in the mornings before class. i could easily wake up by 6:30 (normal) or 7:00, do some cardio and weights, and then get to class by 9. then class all day, then i think i'll study until dinner time, eat dinner, and then study more or do research work.

i'm currently thinking of all the things i need to take, but i know that i am definitely NOT taking a tv. i know, tough times...haha. i do have a small tv that i could bring, but why bring it in the first place? oh...and i'm definitely bringing my tiger lunch jar! man, i'm going to be so cool, packing my lunch and eating it too...yeah!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck this month. I'll miss seeing you around here (not that I'm frequently "here," but you know what I mean).