Saturday, May 24, 2008

when you realize...

that whenever you have an opportunity to go shopping (as i do today, thanks for the birthday present mom and dad), you automatically get excited because you can try to find "business casual" attire on sale for SCHOOL. long gone are the days where i procure things just for the joy of wearing them. now i have to scout out the "khaki pant" or the "button up shirt" or the "i can wear these shoes for 12 hours at least and my feet still feel wonderful".

so, in my attempt to not let boredom get the best of me, i went to the local art supply store and got some cupcake decorating stuff (yay!) and some drawing supplies. (i used to be quite the artist in high school.) last night i made my first sketch in a LONG time, and it was of a flower pot. i know, NOT very fancy. the drawing started out well enough, i was doing a line contour and it looked very good for someone who was rusty. then i decided to be brave and start shadowing in the dark and medium tones, and well, what do you know, it turned out kind of crappy. haha...i should have known! so for now, i've decided to just do line contours, and when it comes time to "3-D-ing" them, i'll just do some fun color patterns or something, so it's still abstract and if it looks like crap i can just say BUT THAT WAS MY VISION. i think if i attempt anything to look truly lifelike, it's just going to end up amateurish, and that is not what i want. if any turn out internet-worthy, i'll post some of them here. i'm hoping to draw out some cells too...i know i'm really weird. but blood cells are quite pretty! all the different stains...woo!

OH, and i also finished reading my first non-school related book since school got out: "the awakening" by kate chopin. it was quite short, but quite enjoyable. i can understand why it was so scandalous back in the day. too bad that doesn't seem so scandalous now. but also speaking of books, i recently bought the "first aid for step 1" review book so i can start freaking out a year in advance. go me.

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