Monday, May 05, 2008

i just finished my last tests of M1 year!!!

as you can infer from the title, i did indeed take my last 2 tests of this year today! neuro board + neurophysiology test. please keep your fingers crossed for me! i don't want any random evil bad-grade monsters lurking about...

tonight i have some dinner plans with friends to celebrate this momentous occasion, and then for the rest of this week it's just easy sailing. i got a vegan cupcake recipe book yesterday and i'm going to be practicing my baking skills. (note: i'm not vegan, but would like to learn how to make some vegan things...why not start with cupcakes!) also, i will be cleaning out my apartment...sorting, cleaning, rearranging...should be good times. also also, i'll be going the GYM AGAIN! yay! i feel like my muscles have been withering away these past few weeks.

the thing that i'm MOST excited about...I'M GETTING A TAN THIS SUMMER! now THAT'S a big deal...i'll be getting my first real summer tan in about 5 years! yay!

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jimgrandad said...

CONGRATULATIONS !!! Will be thinking +++ of you on those grades!