Wednesday, May 28, 2008

adventure time

there's nothing like a curveball that gets my adrenaline flowing...

my summer plans have changed a little school has asked me to take an additional neuro class this summer. that's cool...neuroanatomy was an interesting (if not also frustrating) class, so i don't mind being asked to retake it. (it seriously beats any other alternatives.) luckily my summer work plans have not changed; i'll just be working "abroad" for a month and then working at my home institution the other month.

so yesterday was a whirlwind of pseudo-excitement. i got the PHONE CALL a little after 1:00, by 3:00 i was meeting with my neuro professor to get him to sign off on the summer course of my choice, by 3:15 i got the appropriate admin signatures, by 3:30 i was on the phone with the appropriate people to officially reserve my seat in the class and arrange housing, and then by 4:00 i was with my summer boss making my work abroad schedule. luckily, i have a "stay open late" post office near me, so i was able to get my application and deposit in the mail (priority with confirmation, if you must know) yesterday evening. today will be spent making checklists and whatnot for H to follow during my absence since he's going to be my apartment sitter, and then more checklists so i will make sure to bring everything i need to. luckily i live within a few hours' drive from my summer class location so i can come back if i need to, but more importantly i'll also have a CAR. in my experience with summer school/work/etc, if you have a CAR, then you are automatically semi-popular...hahaha. not that i really care about that, but it's just nice to have a vehicle for those grocery runs and last minute omg's.

warning: trip into memory lane occurring...

yesterday i obviously did a lot of thinking about my medical career, or at least my first 2 years of it. it certainly has not been that smooth, but at the same time, i wouldn't trade it for anything. for starters, i had a non-traditional degree (engineering) but was supposed to start "straight out" of college, because isn't that what you're supposed to do? just go straight from one thing to the next? well, that's what i did, started med school, and then struggled right from the start in almost every facet imaginable: academically, emotionally, mentally, physically. i took leave halfway through and miraculously found a job at a hospital in the heart cath lab. yes, i did menial GED-only required labor, but i worked hard and learned the infrastructure of a hospital. (i can also work a phone like you wouldn't know!) i came back to school last august "fresh" and excited. turns out, there was a nice sized group of people that were returning from last year so i wasn't the only one. not that i cared, but at least i wasn't alone.

the class that i'm with now is great. i have a lot of friends, and i've certainly made some really close friends that i think i'll have for a very long time. my whole outlook towards school was different, and i really tried to utilize all the resources that school provided. this year i did decently, not great (after all, i am taking neuro again), but better than last year. i even had a couple of final grades that were "class average" which to me is GREAT! i stayed healthy, went to the gym regularly, had time for friends, basically just enjoyed life. i wouldn't change anything that i've already done, though for next year i feel that i may have some new tricks up my sleeve just to streamline things a little bit better.

so yeah, looking back, i've certainly had an interesting career thus far. things can only go up from here and i'm very excited about this summer and M2 year.

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