Friday, April 11, 2008

some more early morning observations...

i thought i'd blog about some of the things i see every morning on the way to school. we have to park across the street from school and then cross over a busy downtownish street around 7:20ish where there are plenty of weird observations:

  • strange kids that i assume are walking to high school or something...i hope they're going to school...
  • smokers parked by the street because they can't smoke on university property
  • condoms. on. the. street. YUCK.
  • assorted leftover food items
  • cigarette butts
  • crazy cracked-out folks screaming things at people (and once one of them was wearing trash bags for shoes and waving his clothes in the air)
  • stupid people driving cars erratically
so yeah, i guess for some folks that's normal, but eh, it gets boring and icky after a while. i mean, condoms ON THE ROAD? eeeew.

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