Friday, March 14, 2008

psychiatry and interviewing

psychiatry so far actually has been fun. we haven't delved into any disorders, but mostly just been focusing on the interview. we've watched a psych resident interview a guy in front of the class, and today we were split up into small groups to go "practice". we were partnered up, and my partner and i got to go FIRST (which was a little nerve-racking!) but it was an incredibly cool learning experience. the two patients that we got to have to "interview" were so drastically different. the first patient you could ask normal questions to (like "how is your home life?") and he would answer accordingly and also expound ("home life is great, my wife is great, etc etc"). the second patient had a psychotic disorder and the questions/answers were so different. if you asked him "how is your home life", he would respond "fine". you really had to tease out the answers, since he would only give very short answers, and sometimes he would give irrelevant answers too.

so far, the concept of the interview is really fun for me. it's really exciting to know that within a year's time or so that i'm going to be supposedly "really good" at it. the thing about psych that i like is that you really get to meet some really interesting people, but after a while during the interviews that i've seen, i find myself getting a little bit restless. and i think that's because the interview for psych patients are so much longer. also, i think that if i were actually a psychiatrist, i would probably get bored quickly since the process of being presented with the situation, figuring out the problem, and then administering the solution seems to be so long. if you can actually figure out what's wrong with the patient, then you move on to medicating, and that in itself is a long involved process since it requires so much tweaking. but i guess that's the same for most medicine-oriented fields (as in internal medicine).

psych so far has been a breath of fresh air in our mostly textbook curriculum. it's fun to be able to put on my short white coat and actually see a patient or two.


jimgrandad said...

I will let you interview me... my children tell me I'm crazy!

tracy said...

hey, you can interview me too!