Tuesday, March 25, 2008

pinky update

ok, so the 4-1-1 on the ol' pinky is that it is healing up nicely, but since it didn't ever form a scab, i have to neosporin it still like crazy and keep it covered. this has been an interesting event to watch, the healing, since it's like the "circumference" of the wound just gets smaller and smaller...quite an educational experience! also i've discovered that it sucks to have to shower and wash dishes with ONE hand...it's kind of hard!

right now in school i'm having a difficult mental time...classes are hard and will always be hard, and i do get frustrated because unlike most of the other people in my class, i am not a genius and i didn't major in anything remotely helpful. (tip for all pre-meds...if you major in engineering, take a ton of science elective extras in biology related things.) and when i say "genius", i mean, i know that i am an intelligent capable human being, but it just seems like i am not as swift on the uptake, or that i don't spend my time learning minute data...i get the big picture and move on. (i guess that's the mindset of an engineer...arg!) i just can't wait to get to the part in school where i can say "i am really good at this" and have the grades to back it up. for once i would like to be the "A" student or something. alas...we all have our shining moments...i guess mine just hasn't come yet? the professional higher-ups keep telling me that i'm learning right now how to be "real" to my "future patients", that i'll truly understand their struggles in life...well, i hope all this crap will amount to something good. i guess i get more irritated than i should just because this is my 2nd time around doing the first year of school...no more chances after this. luckily, i have an ENGINEERING degree...my life will still be rewarding no matter what field i end up in.

sorry for that little mini-rant...just trying to "keep it real, yo" if you know what i mean.

oh, and you remember that research grant thing that i had applied to? well, i got it! i was so happy to get that email...it really made my day. now i just have to end this year in good standing so i can have a fun job for the summer...just got to stay positive and keep your chin up.

and with that, i shall go back to reading about the somatosensory system...bah!

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