Tuesday, March 11, 2008

new week

school this week has been quite normal. nothing really new to report, other than i did A-OK on my histology board, which i am quite happy for. neuro is kind of still crazy, but that's to be expected. today in lab we went over the DIENCEPHALON, which is such a sexy word. and confusing. and i hate cross sections of brain. like, they're all so ambiguous, how in the heck am i supposed to properly search for and find things like the nucleus ambiguous? blah! the only thing so far that i KNOW that i know is the red nucleus, and all those out there who know what i'm talking about will be thinking DUH FRYLIME, THAT'S SO EASY. oh well. at least i can be proud of something. i mean, i am staring at slices of the medulla and the pons and all that crazy stuff and it's all in shades of gray and not very marked up so it's hard to distinguish things.

we started psychiatry this week, and tomorrow is our first official "let's learn something new" class. i'm looking forward to it...i guess you could say that i'm interested in the field, and you could also say that my parents would laugh at me if i became a psychiatrist. BUT, i think it's a very intriguing field, and whether or not i actually become one, i think every doctor can greatly benefit from some psych knowledge.

and i'm not one to air my political dirty laundry on my blog, and i do consider myself a centrist/moderate/whichever who will vote for the right person for the right job (rather than along any particular party line), but i must say that i really am quite impressed with barack obama. i had the good fortune to attend one of his rallies recently, and i shook the good man's hand (he asked me "how are you?"), and i thought his talk was quite nice. i agreed with most everything he said, and i hope that he continues to do well in the national political scene.

now i shall resume studying the medulla and the basilar pons...BLAH!

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